Jobs for Filipinos in Japan

Filipinos are known worldwide because almost a piece of us is somewhere around the planet. They might be working there, they might have migrated there, or almost any reason for them to be on that specific country. Along with that, it is safe to say that Filipinos go abroad to have better salaries and benefits, and they can get their families from here in our country to where they are in the long run. A lot of Filipinos are currently working in Japan. Do you want to be one of them? Here are the best of the best jobs that Filipinos can acquire in Japan.

Jobs in Japan

In our previous articles, we guided you on how you can acquire a visa from Japan. Now, we are going to tell you about the jobs that you can get there. Just last year, Japan announced that they are opening over millions of jobs for Filipinos and those are the least that they expect – no experience, no degree, and the list goes on. Domingo L. Siason Jr., a former Philippine ambassador to Japan said that Japan might adopt the U.S-Mexico relationship in terms of manpower.

The jobs in Japan that Filipinos might want to get are:

  • Construction Workers
  • Ship Builders
  • Housekeepers
  • Care Givers
  • English Tutors
  • Hotel and Restaurant Staff
  • Factory Workers

English tutoring is currently a hit for Japan since the next Olympics will be held there in their country. Of course, they want to make business and they want their country to be known as generally as a country who can well converse and comprehend the English language because we all know that Japanese people are not fond of English since their country is an economically improving country. To know about English tutor jobs, click here.

Construction workers, ship builders, and factory workers are all in the same industry. Filipinos are known to be great at manpower all around the globe and Japan surely took notice of that. Having this kind of potential made us be wanted from all over the world. To know more about manpower jobs in Japan, click here.

Japan is an aged country meaning, most of the people there are over 40 years old. They are a technologically advanced country because most of the people there are workers. Not all of them have families to take care of them when they get older and weaker which paints the reason why care givers are a boom in their country. Click here for more information about care giver jobs in Japan.

Hotel and restaurant staff and housekeepers are also wanted in their country. With the growing industrial and technological growth, the problem of demand from the hotel industry arises. The country now is in dire need of experts in that matter. Click here to know more about job openings and vacancies in the hotel and restaurant industry.

Aside from the jobs we listed, there also are job openings that do not require workers to be experts on any matter. There are vacancies in teaching, tutoring, drivers, and many more.

Japan held a good reputation because of the global contributions they have made. They are one of the leading countries who control most of what we handle today. Do not confuse it, although some of these jobs might make you think that it is not worth it, believe me when I say that the Japanese people are fond of giving more than what you deserve. Interested in what Japan has to offer? Inquire now by clicking the links above and who knows? Maybe this is what your family needs.

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  1. Good day.. I am a single mom.. Wants to know if I allowed to work in japan as a housekeeper or care giver.. I am from Philippines but still working in Pakistan.. My contract already finished last February.. Employer want me to back.. They allowed me to go for vacation on September coz I go them travel out of Pakistan.. I take care baby with only 1 employer almost 5 yrs.. I don’t want to back in Pakistan.. Hard work it’s fine for me.. But treat me not good the reasons don’t come back.. I’m 49 yrs old.. I truely thanks if u give me answer.. Thanks so much… GOD BLESS YOU

  2. Hi!
    Interested in caregiver work I’m Currently working in singapore as caregiver. Can I apply here in singapore or need to go back in philippines to apply.
    Please email me the details thank you !

  3. Hi,Mam & Sir, I’m Catherine

    Dolor,I’m very interested to work as a housekeeper/caregiver,I’m from Philippines and I’m 43yrs of age and I’m ex abroad.

  4. Hi, i am very willing to work in any available position in Food and beverage and care-giving vacancy in Japan. Im 25 years with the necessary experience required.

  5. Hi im sally juarez, im willing to work in japan as house hold worker, im here in hongkong, my finish contract on April 12 2019, im 40yrs old. Thank you

  6. Hello,I’m willing to work in Japan as a housekeeper or any available job that capable for me. I really want to work abroad. Please kindly send me an email for details or how. Thank you.

  7. Hi ma’am/sir, I am a first timer to apply abroad, I am interested to work in Japan country , I am willing to apply hotel and restaurant staff or factory worker or any position that capable for me, please kindly send me details and how.thank you.

  8. Hi! MADAM/SIR
    Im willing to apply as a hotel and restaurant staff or factory worker. I have experience as a food handler in a well known company such as purefoods hormel inc.


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