7 Ways to be More Motivated at What You Do

Filipinos are known to be smiling people to the point that even floods hit us, we still smile despite the tragedy that has occurred. Of course, that is not all the time; we also experience being brought down by experiences, results of what we are doing, and so on so forth. A lot of people become unmotivated due to the occurrences in their lives. Here are seven (7) ways in order to stay motivated in what you are doing.

Surround yourself with positive, motivated people

Whatever you are doing, I am sure that interaction with different kinds of people is within the subject matter. Be sure to profile and know people deeply before you make commitments to them. Surrounding yourself with stressful, short-tempered people would not do you any good as well. Surround yourself with people the same as you – the ones who have goals, positive people, and people who have faith both in God and in what they are doing.

Read motivational quotes

This may sound a little bit crazy but it is true. Reading motivational quotes is one way of starting yourself to do more and better work – it is like revving up your engine. Reading quotes by famous people is one way to do better at whatever you want to do; it may even be the reason for you starting to do better.

Ask to be criticized

We think of criticism as one form of being envious and insecure if other people did it to us. Truth is, being criticized is one thing that causes major improvements because other people can concretely notice things that are not right about your work, business, or any other activity you may be doing. If no one is criticizing you, find someone who you think is better and ask them to criticize you. Who knows, maybe this is just what you needed for a skyrocketed result.

Exercise both your mind and your body

Maybe because of our work or the business we are in, we forget to pump the muscles which causes stress, weight-gaining, and other not-so-good things. We should never forget to break a sweat as it helps in the pumping of oxygen in our brains in order for us to think quicker and better. It also makes us look good and thus, we will feel good about ourselves, projecting a positive aura wherever you are.

Visualize the success you want

Never lose sight of what you want to achieve. It is one of the greatest quotations I have read and that is mentioned to me by almost all successful people I know. Problems may come, tragedies may happen but we should never ever lose the idea of what we want to become. Whenever you feel like giving up, think back to the day; remember why you even started in the first place.

Accept changes

Change is inevitable and that is the truth. We can never predict change but we should always be responsible of our actions. It is a common attitude of people to deny change just because it is new to them; they cling on to what it is familiar and rebuke the change that can be the best decision ever made. We need to learn to accept changes in order for us to experience new and better things – we need to have an open mind, all the time.

Do not counter yourself

A lot of problems will come up and make sure that you would not be one of them. Erase every attitude of yours which you know that can ruin your streak or your momentum or worse, which can kill you out of what you are doing. Practice to inhibit all the aspects of a positive person in order to improve your life in the best ways possible.

Life is not easy but it can be so we should not work in order for it to become complicated and complex. Everything you do is a result of your own actions so stop pointing fingers; the very first step of success is when you take responsibility of everything that is happening. Did this help you in any way? What are your thoughts about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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