Tips for having a chance at the Philippine Bar Exam

It’s not easy; let’s get straight to the point. The bar exam is not as simple as ABC’s; it is not as easy as basic mathematics – it is the wholeness of the laws and regulations here in our country so it is not easy. A lawyer does not become a lawyer after graduation, there is what we call the bar exam to which when passed, is given the authority to become what they have studied – a rightful lawyer. A lot of people still fail after taking the bar exam, I myself have not taken it but here are some tips from those topnotchers who successfully dominated the bar exam.

The bar exam is a test given to dictate whether a candidate is eligible to practice a certain profession. In this case, the bar exam is given to law students; it is the professional licensure examination for lawyers. Here are some tips from different topnotchers here in our country:

1. Reviewing starts on the first day the law student goes to law school. The student must practice a reliable and great command of English because having so makes the chances of passing much higher.

2. There is no exact formula to pass; love what you do in order for you to put your heart, mind, body, and soul to your craft.

3. There are over 10, 000 laws in the Philippines; study is a must that is why studying starts the moment you set foot in law school. Try learning all you study by heart so you won’t have a hard-time in memorization.

4. Choose your REVIEW CENTER WISELY. Review centers often behold bar exam passers and they share experiences, obstacles you will face, and yes a few of the answers you have to submit on the actual day itself.

5. Treat mock bar exams as though they are the real bar exams. “Studying under pressure is the best form of review for an exam because having the mindset that it is not the actual can hinder you to perform at your best during the real thing.” Says Prof. Mario Mainero

6. Focus on the relevant stuff only. You study hard and study smart; it is impossible to memorize all the laws in our country so just focus on what is important that will be stated in your bar exam review centers.

7. Practice a good command of the English language. Having a grasp of this will give you an edge in explanation and articulation that is of course followed up by logical reasoning and substantial background knowledge of law and procedure.

8. Get enough sleep during the week of the bar exam. Having adequate sleep the night before is the least practiced because a lot of students tend to study until the witching hour. Do not sacrifice rest for only a few hours of study. This is where studying for the bar comes in during the first day you hit law school.

9. Practice answering straight to the point because you won’t beat time if you answer in a novel-like procedure. Study English well so that you will be capable of doing this.

10. Avoid stress and distractions when judgment day is coming near. Review, review, and review but do not forget to have adequate rest and prayer.

11. Prayer should never be neglected. God has the answers but his answers are up to what actions you are willing to take.

There is no exact formula or concoction in order to beat the bar exams. You just have to study smart, live a healthy lifestyle, pray, and believe that you will pass the test. Do not also forget to have a good grasp of the English language because that is one of the most important things. Do your best and let God take care of the rest.

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