Great business ideas under Duterte’s Presidency

The slogan “change is coming,” is slowly becoming reality with recent occurrences involving the newly cleansed Baclaran and Divisoria, drug lords, pushers, finally arrested, and a lot more. For many Filipinos, a new administration; a new leader means a new and fresh opportunity to open and start businesses. With our new President’s promises and rules, we have compiled a list of the best small businesses under President Duterte’s administration.

Great business ideas under Duterte’s Presidency

Online Businesses

During a recent interview, Duterte stated that he and his team would order telecommunication companies to up their services for the overall betterment of our internet connection. He also said that he is open to foreign investors to enter the Philippine internet market. He is doing this because our President is aware that technology can make lives better and it can be a living for most people if it is done right.

Given these facts, it is just right to start an online business and it will be running great and smoothly under his administration. Imagine, no more internet-related problems, imagine a faster and more efficient internet connection; that would change how you think of our country’s Internet Service Providers, right?

Security Systems

Duterte is keen on criminals so he wants to keep an eye out on the whole country as much as possible. Security personnel alone could not hold that which means, he would need the help of technology. Just like in his city, Davao is already a hub of several modern security systems and CCTV’s and it can be safely concluded that he might do the same thing for the rest of the country as well.

Life Coaching

With our country being one of the places where drug abusers, pushers, dealers, etc., think they are safe – they are not now under Duterte’s administration. A lot of people are surrendering with the willingness to change; in order for them to change, they would need a help of a life coach to assist them in their journey to the good side.

Yes, life coaching is not a very popular and in-demand profession here in our country but with the help of the technology like the internet, you can coach people through video calling and it will be needed by a lot of people now, believe me.

Tea shops and Coffee Shops

Curfews, curfews, curfews – that alone answers why tea shops and coffee shops are going to be a hit under his presidency. Since alcohol or liquor now has a maximum time, people would reach for the alternative on being contented with non-alcoholic drinks. You can’t avoid the urge to chit-chat with your friends on a late Saturday evening, right?

In Davao City, there are more than a hundred coffee shops and almost all of them are on the brink of success; why not make that in the place where you reside?

Rehabilitation Centers

Drug-related people are Duterte’s number one enemy (aside from criminals and deceivers, of course) and he promised to suppress illegal drugs in our country. Having a rehabilitation center would be one of the best because our country is known to be the home of a lot of hiding people because they have dealt drugs or used drugs before.

Quality rehabilitation centers are scarce in the country since the major drug-dealers are not being thought of; the best centers are located only in Manila and in Cebu. But now, under his administration, there might be a demand on rehabilitation centers; why not open one in your own area?

See, these businesses are going to be a major hit and it is guaranteed because of the laws and the aspirations of our now president. Although the success of a business depends on the business plan and the people behind it, the chances of success of the businesses listed here are quite higher because of the implementations.

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  1. Pls keep us posted on the preparation of the SEAGAMES with more or less 15 countries. The venues of the games will be very important as it involeves several cities to attend for the thuosand people. As an avid sports fan and Prof. Civil Engineer where will I go to lead agency who are planni ng the biggest event of our country in 2019. Thanks for your reply and Good day.


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