Complete List of TESDA Courses 2018

This is the complete list of TESDA courses that you can take if you plan to enroll in TESDA. If you still don’t know what is TESDA, well it is a government agency that supports mainly to supervise technical education to produce skilled workers from our country.

The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) is this agency and it was created under the virtue of the Republic Act 7796 also known as the “Technical Education and Skills Development Act of 1994.” In this article, we have compiled the courses that this agency can offer for you so have a look at it and decide if you want to undergo the program or not.

List of TESDA Courses

In this list, we haven’t included the courses in the Engineering field because the academic standing contains a vast range of programs for students and for people who are interested. We are going to have a closer look at those programs in a separate article; so let’s begin.

         Illustration NC II
          Photography NC II
         Visual Graphic Design NC III
         Performing Arts Ballroom Dancing NC II
         Performing Arts Dance NC II
         Performing Arts Song NC II
and Applied Sciences
         Barangay Health Services NC II
         Biomedical Equipment Services NC II
         Caregiving NC II
         Dental Hygiene NC IV
         Dental Laboratory Technology Services (Fixed
Dentures Restorations) NC II
         Dental Laboratory Technology Services NC I
         Dental Laboratory Technology Services
(Removable Dentures Appliances) NC II
         Emergency Medical Services NC II
         Hilot/Wellness Massage NC II
         Institutional Health Care Services NC II
         Massage Therapy NC II
         Medical Coding and Billing NC II
         Medical Transcription NC II
         Opthalmic Lens Services NC II
         Pharmacy Services NC II
Trainer Qualification Level I
Trainer Qualification Level II
and Consumer Science
         Bread and Pastry Production NC II
         Commercial Cooking NC II
         Commercial Cooking NC III
         Commercial Cooking NC IV
         Food and Beverage Services NC II
         Food and Beverage Services NC III
         Food and Beverage Services NC IV
         Food Processing NC II
         Food Processing NC III
         Food Processing NC IV
         Consumer Electronics Servicing NC II
         Consumer Electronics Servicing NC III
         Consumer Electronics Servicing NC IV
         Fish Products Packaging NC II
         Attractions and Theme Parks Operation NC II
         Bartending NC II
         Barbering NC II
         Beauty Care NC II
         Beauty Care NC III
         Bookkeeping NC III
         Contact Center NC II
Course for Call Center Agents
         Customer Services NC II
         Dressmaking (Casual) NC II
         Events Management Services NC III
         Fashion Design (Apparel) NC III
         Fish Port/Wharf Operations NC I
         Fishing Gear Repair and Maintenance NC III
         Footwear Making NC II
         Front Office Services NC II
         Furniture Making Finishing NC II
         Hairdressing with Cosmetology NC II
         Household Services NC II
         Housekeeping NC II
         Housekeeping NC III
         Housekeeping NC IV
         Microfinance Technology NC II
         Tour Guiding Services NC II
         Travel Service NC II
         Tailoring NC II
         Agricultural Crops Production NC I
         Agricultural Crops Production NC II
         Animal Health Care and Management NC III
         Animal Production NC II
         Artificial Insemination (Large Ruminants) NC
         Artificial Insemination (Swine) NC II
         Horticulture NC II
         Horticulture NC III
         Organic Agriculture Production NC II
         Pest Management Vegetables NC II
         Slaughtering Operations NC II
         Able Seafarer Deck (STCW Regulation II/5)
         Able Seafarer Deck (STCW Regulation III/5)
         Driving (Articulated Vehicle) NC III
         Driving NC II
         Driving (Passenger Bus/Straight Truck) NC III
         Rating Forming Part of a Navigational Watch
(STCW Regulation II/4)
and Design
   Landscape Installation and Maintenance (Softcape)
         Technical Drafting NC II
2D Digital Animation NC III
         2D Game Art Development NC III
         3D Animation NC III
         3D Game Art Development NC III
         Animation NC II
         Computer Hardware Servicing NC II
         Programming NC IV
         Aquaculture NC II
         Fish Capture NC I
         Fish Capture NC II

Aside from these, TESDA also offers online courses so that you can study in the comfort of your own home and in your own time. These online courses are:

Online Courses – Game Development
         Developing 2D Games with HTML5
         Developing 2D and 3D Games with Unity Software
Game Developments Fundamentals
         Game Production Basics
         C# Fundamentals for Beginners
         Animation (3D Digital)
         Basic Computer Operation
         CAM/CAD Operation
         Computer Hardware Servicing
         Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
Food and
Beverage Servicing
         Bus Boy Servicing
         Room Attendant Servicing
         Waiter Servicing
         Guest Room Attendant Servicing
        Valet Servicing
         Laundry Servicing
         Public Area Attendant Servicing
         Preparing Sandwiches
         Cellphone Servicing
         Solar Night Light Assembly
         Fruit Grower
        Automotive Battery Servicing
         Diesel Engine Tune up
Heating, Ventilation,
and Air Condition
         Facilitate Learning Session
         Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing
         Trainers Methodology I
         Trainers Methodology II
         Shiatsu Massage
         Swedish Massage
         Thai Massage

So these are the available programs embedded into the totality of TESDA. Take note that any program in the Engineering field is not listed here since we are going to create a separate article for that. Go and have a look at these courses and maybe, this is just what you are looking for.

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