Top 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Water

Every known living life-form in this planet needs water; humans, animals, even plants need water to grow and to survive. As most of us are unaware of, water is the most abundant source here on our planet billions of years ago and now, some parts of the world are having shortages in water supply. Aside from our need of the said matter, there are some things – amazing things that water can do and I bet you didn’t know these 8 things about water. 

Top 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Water 

1. Our bodies – our bodies are what we use for our everyday lives and it is consistently made up of water. It is said that all of what we are is actually made up of water; 70% of our bodies is made up of actual WATER. So if you’re not feeling well, maybe you just need a refresher and take tons of water to supply your body for you to become functional again.

2. The water in our planet was delivered by comets and asteroids. Yes, all of the water that we can witness now is just a product from those outside things. This happened in a period between 4.5 Billion and 3.8 Billion years ago and is called The Late Heave Bombardment.

3. Ever encounter the feeling of losing weight after an intense sweating session? That weight loss is a result of losing water out of your body, not fat.

4. When you are having a terrible headache, taking in water can simply do the trick. All of our bodies’ activities consume the water inside our systems; eating, walking, exercising dehydrates us. Having vices like drinking or smoking doubles that dehydration and having less water in our bodies cause us to feel headaches and the solution? – Drink water and cut off from those medicines. Although its effect is not as fast as taking medicine, you will have a healthier and more natural approach.

5. The majority of water here in our planet is salty water making up almost 97% of all the water on earth. 2.1% of the water is locked up in polar ice caps which make less than 1% of the earth’s water available as fresh water.

6. In the middle ages, beer replaced the use of water because there were cases that water during that time is not safe for drinking.

7. Ever notice that expiration date on water bottles you have bought and compiled? That expiration date is not actually for the water, it is for the bottle where the water is contained.

8. There are more water in our planet’s atmosphere than all of the rivers here in our planet combined.

Water is not actually just the simple thing you drink everyday – it is obviously more than that. Here are the eight (8) most interesting things about water and of course, we have more so stay tuned and go sweat it all out.

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