How to avoid Text Scams

Text scams are growing and it has becoming a norm nowadays. These scams’ goal is to get something out of you without you being even aware of it. It may include them asking you for money, load credits, and even confidential information and it is your duty not to fall for it and to trash it immediately. So how can I distinguish a scam so that I can avoid being a victim of fraud? 

How to avoid Text Scams

With our new elected President working to rid our country of drug-related people, those people might move on and take a different path in life – scamming; which is safe to say. Kidding aside, scams have become abundant and more and more people are falling for it so we listed tips here that can rid you off of those.

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The “Attorney” Trick

Scammers think that using an attorney can fake their way out of your pockets. To tell you, lawyers or attorneys cannot have power in telecommunication companies unless they are owners. So if you ever come across a message saying that they are an attorney or they talked to an attorney and that they are demanding for something in return, just trash this message and move on.

Telecommunications Provider “Freebies” or “Discounts”

Do not get this wrong, there are instances that telecommunication companies offer freebies, promos, or discounts to its loyal and avid users but if it was sent from a regular prepaid or postpaid number, make sure you think twice. Oftentimes, providers will use their own names such as Smart, Globe, etc. to communicate with their users. Another thing to keep notice of is if you are prepaid and you are sent a message saying that your postpaid number won something, don’t waste your time on it.

They ask you for money REAL QUICK

One of the main victims of these people are people who have relatives of loved ones overseas. One of the scams that became huge in the previous years are the ones who ask you for money or padala by means of load or cash. They will never second-thought their aim and they will continually ask you to send them cash or load because they need it.

Some scammers really do not think because not everyone has people overseas so if you are part of those who doesn’t have relatives outside the country, just laugh at those and block the number immediately to avoid disturbance or annoyance.

It came from a suspicious number

If a family member or a relative will message you, they surely would have their names registered on your phone, right? For God’s sake, we have Facebook now and it is one of the most used means of communication for people in two different regions of the globe. If a telecom provider wants to send out a huge user-message, you would know because the sender would have the name of the telecom provider.

If however it appears that the number came from a suspicious one, just block it or it is your choice to make fun of it while it is there.

There are a lot of people currently trying to scam people for load, for cash, and information. There is no way to safeguard yourself from these because in most cases they jot down random numbers or they use software that can message multiple numbers. The only protection you can have is your knowledge about it – the knowledge on how you can distinguish a real, relevant message from a shabby, scam.

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