Rainy Season in the Philippines and how to be safe

A few weeks ago, the pour of rain has become the norm for the people both who go out to study or to work and the people who just stay at home. A lot of people are concerned with this issue because a lot are affected by it; may it be flooding, or health related, the rainy season is an issue that needs to be solved for everyone’s safety. Here are tips and advices that can keep you safe and dry this rainy season.

Rainy Season Tips
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Always wash your hands

Certain viruses and bacteria jump in joy when the rainy season comes to open and we can come in contact with those in the simplest things like crossing the road, placing your hand on rails, etc. Most commuters do not know this but the handles on buses, jeepneys, and trains contain a lot of those viruses.

Make it a habit to wash your hands regularly in order to keep yourself from those bacteria and viruses that can cause you harm or make you ill.

Drink plenty of water

Water has been undermined by a lot of people especially those who take vitamins every day. Clean water does not only keep you refreshed or revitalized, it can also help your body to counter diseases such as flu and colds.

Drinking water has always been a cure to everything because water can make wonders that everyone would be amazed of. Be sure to incur water drinking in your schedule and make it a habit to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water every day.

Always bring extra clothes

Those who go to school or attend work should be aware that the rain cannot be predicted. The sun can come and shine but it can also be a sign that the rain is soon to come. To be safe, always bring an umbrella and be sure to pack clean clothes from your top, bottoms, underwear, and even socks to keep you safe from diseases and uncomfortability.

Let your suits air dry

If you wear suits to work or to school or any wool-like or wool material for your clothes, do not throw them on the dryer because it can ruin or destroy the shirt. Be sure to air dry sensitive material or another way is to lay your clothing in a dry towel and leave them on the floor and leave it there. Change towels if you need to and you can be assured that this process can effectively dry out your clothes 101%.

Save your newspapers

Your old and unused newspapers can be your saviors during this season. Most of your shoes get unexpectedly soaked in rain water and you think about washing them and letting them dry under the sun; but what if the sun does not shine on the morrow? Newspapers can be effective drying agents for your shoes and it can take away the unwanted odor from your shoes.

Ball your newspapers and insert them in your shoes and of course, wait for them to dry. Newspapers can draw the moisture from the shoes plus, it can erase the odor that the wetness caused. So make sure to save newspapers from now on.

These are just the simplest tips to help you with the rainy season. Be sure to follow all of this to ensure that you and your friends and family’s health is untouched.

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