14 Facts about dreams you would probably dream about

Ever since the human race learned about sleeping, they of course started to know about dreaming as well. But since the time that people wanted to study dreams, it actually became more and more complex and interesting. People like Sigmund Freud, studied dreams and came up with concrete examples and representations to effectively define why dreams are happening and what they are for. But of course, we cannot guarantee if that is 100% legitimate without any scratch of fakeness. But for now, let us tickle your mind because we will give you 14 facts about dreams that will leave you stunned.

14 Facts about dreams you would probably dream about
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1. For starters, an average human being spends a good 1/3 of his life just dreaming. Imagine all things that flashed behind your eyes – almost 25 freaking years.

2. If you plan on not sleeping tonight, it is better to cancel out that plan because sleeping for less than 7 hours each night reduces your life expectancy.

3. Dreams aren’t just dreams if you think of it that way. There are things today that are the product of dreams and some of these major things are:

  • The alternating current generator – Nikolas Tesla
  • The DNA’s form (double-helix) – Professor James Watson
  • The Periodic Table of Elements – Dimitri Mendeleyev 
  • The idea for Google – Larry Page 

4. Lack sleep? You should be envious of a snail then because snails can sleep for 3 years straight.

5. A normal human being can disregard eating for 2 months and still live but a normal person can only endure up to 11 days without sleeping. Anything more than that then major problems might occur and the worst part is – you may die.

6. Tibetan Monks do not need a bed for sleeping because most of them sleep upright. And yes, they also dream. 

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7. Lucid dreaming is actually a real phenomenon. Lucid dreaming is where you are able to control your dreams.

8. Everyone dreams every single day (except for some who have mental and psychological disorders). If you think you haven’t dreamt tonight, it is just that you already have forgotten what you have dreamt about.

9. People in your dreams are people you have encountered or seen in your real life. Although sometimes you are not able to recall who that person was in your dream, chances are you saw them driving, walking, or whatever in your real life.

10. Some people are actually addicted in sleeping that they never want to wake up. Which leads to the revelation that they want to dream even in the day which causes them to buy an illegal drug which is called the Dimethyltryptamine. It is a synthetic and artificial chemicals and fluids our brain produce during dreaming.

11. Our brains are actually more active when we are dreaming compared to when we are awake.

12. You can dream from an hour to two hours every night which you will have four to seven dreams in just one single sleep.

13. Some sources said that people who snore are not dreaming at that point. So when you are snoring, you are most likely not dreaming. No scientific evidence for this one, though.

14. Even in dreams, gender equality is an issue. Researchers suggest that men have 70% more men in their dreams while women dream about the same gender equally.

Dreams are wonderful occurrences and experiences to help us get through everything we are going through. Though there are no concrete and scientific evidence about why we dream, it is always important to remember that this is a gift to us that we should just love and accept.

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