18 Facts about the Human Brain

Our brains are so powerful that they control the totality of our bodies and take note, it is just a single structure placed in one area of our bodies – our head. It is so powerful that it is the one responsible for the things we feel, the things we think about, our satisfactions, our senses, and all other things. Dubbed as the central processing unit of the human body, the brain is an amazing and wonderful part of being a human. There are certain things that most of you do not know about it and in this article, I will be sharing 18 of those to you and I can surely tell you that it will definitely blow your mind. 

  18 Facts about the Human Brain

1. If you think that the brain is just another organ, think again. The brain uses a total of 20% of all the oxygen and blood inside your body.

2. Thinking about its composition, you would think that this organ is spongy, right? Well part of it is correct because according to researchers, the human brain has the same consistency as tofu.

3. When we’re awake, the average human brain creates produces enough electricity to power a small light bulb.

4. The human brain can live for 4-6 minutes without oxygen; it then begins to die. Not being able to have oxygen for 5-10 minutes may result to permanent brain damage.

5. Our brain is a small laboratory for it produces more than 100, 000 chemical reactions every second. Isn’t that mind-blowing?

6. Human brains weigh about 3 lbs and no, it is not the largest brain. That title goes to sperm whales having 17 lbs of brains.

7. Unlike artificial intelligence, our brains do not have a limit to store memory – no it is not like the RAM of our computers. It is considered to have unlimited capacity.

8. Taste receptors which distinguish taste are not only found in tongues. Other areas include: stomach, lungs, intestines, pancreas, anus, and yes, the brain.

9. Want to be relaxed? Try sniffing a bar of chocolate because even the smell of it triggers theta brain waves which make us relaxed and comfortable.

10. Ever got drunk? Well many believe that alcohol makes you forget everything but no. When we get drunk, it is just that the brain temporarily loses the ability to create memories which cause us not to remember what we did last night…

11. When we learn something new, added brain connectors are not the only thing that happens – it also changes our brain structure.

12. Music is equivalent to sex and eating – for the brain at least. It triggers activity in the same brain structure that releases dopamine (sex and food).

13. Due to many released news of brain parasites, scientists now believe that the chances of a zombie apocalypse is now possible.

14. Like being in control? Sorry to say this but 95% of your decisions take place in the subconscious part of our minds.

15. The human brain is composed of over 100 billion neurons and a trillion glial cells.

16. In a day, the average person creates about 70, 000 thoughts. Who knows, maybe one of those is a million-dollar idea.

17. Even if it has billions of neurons, the actual brain cannot really feel pain because it has been proven that it does not contain pain receptors.

18. Laughing is actually a tedious task for the brain because just the simple act of laughing requires five different areas of the brain to work together.

The human brain is not just an organ because as you can see, it is what made this all up. Without it, nothing would be possible. Did you even think that the human brain is actually the one who called itself the brain? Didn’t that make your brain function?

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