9 New Year’s Resolution Ideas to Start your 2020

Most people are wondering how they can kick-start their new year and a lot of people are thinking of ideas on how they can. In this article, I am going to relay nine (9) new year’s resolution ideas that you can ponder upon to start your new year fresh, clean, and vibrant.

Learn a Martial Art

It’s not a requirement but it would be better if you indulge yourself in exercise and learn new things simultaneously, correct? Learning a martial art is a necessity; it can be your physical and mental practice of pushing yourself to your limits. Yes, you can always hit the gym and lift but learning a martial art is different. It’s like learning how to speak a new language.

Practice Meditation

Scientists and researchers have proven benefits that meditation can do to our overall lives and bodies. To name a few, meditation:

  • It lessens stress
  • It reduces your anxiety
  • It helps you improve your mood
  • Meditation is one great way of getting back your appetite
  • It increases your brain’s grey matter which is responsible for muscle control, decision-making, and self-control

These are just a few of the benefits of meditation so, schedule meditation sessions and lean back to peace and tranquility.

Improve yourself in the best ways you can

If this year kicked you around by having it deal you with mishaps and problems, try to look at yourself; assess yourself that maybe, the problem is sometimes in you. Try to improve yourself physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It won’t hurt to try to improve yourself; if you cannot help others to change, start changing yourself.

Start Saving

When the next year comes to open, it is considered to be one of the best times to save money, and why? Because psychologically, it makes our brains think and it persuades ourselves more because everything is great, everything is new. Start saving on the 1st day of January 2020 and progress as the days go by. You’ll be shocked and excited when you notice your consistency.

Start Investing

Afraid of taking risks? Well, it is the new year, might as well plan on investing so that before 2020 ends, you would already have called yourself a risk-taker. Study investing and think about what it can do to you as a person. You will be fearless, you would study harder, you would benefit from failing because you would know what to do the next time you invest. In the long-run, you can find yourself swimming in a pool of success just because you took the leap and you risked what you have.

Write a Business Plan

I am not saying to start up a business right away when 2020 starts, all I’m saying is that you write a business plan so that you would have the ability to foresee what you can achieve in the business industry. Start by deciding on what you want to put up as your business, canvassing every cost you will make, planning business strategies, marketing, etc. You got to start somewhere, right?

Discover New Hobbies

Focus on being happy for yourself; do not always try to find your happiness in others. Learn new skills and discover new things for yourself. Take writing as an example; learn writing to express yourself effectively and emotionally. Practice smiling every time you need to see one, have fun and discover new things that you can do that would, of course, benefit you in whatever ways you can imagine.

Read More Books

Count the books you have read this year and try to double it in 2020. Reading is a means of learning, it is one way of showing yourself and the world that you have the mindset of learning on your own and from other people simultaneously. Yes, it might not be very beneficial physically but mentally and psychologically, you can be a pro, a guru of some sort if you read many books.

Incorporate prayer in your Daily Life

Many of us forget giving thanks when we are handed blessings in life. A lot of us tend to oversee what we have become that’s why we fail to remember God in every aspect we do. When the new year comes, try to deliver a short and simple prayer to give thanks to a brand new year ahead of us. We are given a new 365-day adventure, wouldn’t you be thankful for that?

These are just some of the few best ideas you can make for yourself this year. I am sure there are a lot more than that. Do you have any ideas of good and beneficial new year’s resolution that you can share to us? Did we miss out on some things we have listed above? Plan your new year and execute it accordingly so that you can have a start in living a new and grateful life.

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