This year, a new president sat down and changed the lives of this nation under his ordinance. Along with that, citizens of our country are now observing the “change” that almost everyone has been yearning for. Having that in mind, the House of Representatives Justice Committee has approved the newly proposed measure to reinstitute d***h penalty in the country.

Before this, let me give you a quick background of d***h penalty here in our country.

It was obliterated in 1987 under President Cory Aquino’s administration but was revived in 1993 under President Fidel Ramos’s time.

Under his time, some of the c****s that were punishable by d***h were:

  • R**e
  • Kidnapping
  • D**g Trafficking; and
  • M****r

In 2006, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed a law that abolished capital punishment. This year, President Rodrigo Duterte a.k.a “Digong” is ready to have it back.

Under this, three (3) methods can be used in executing the d***h penalty which will be based on what I will about to list below. These three methods are:

  • Firing Squad
  • Lethal Injection
  • Hanging

The government bodies came to a decision to have people who are to commit these c****s and acts be nominated to d***h penalty. The D***h Penalty Bill or House Bill 1 is now up for second reading. The bill was approved and had a vote of 12-6 without abstention.

  • Treason
  • Qualified Piracy
  • Qualified Bribery
  • Parricide
  • M****r
  • Infanticide
  • R**e
  • Kidnapping and serious illegal detention
  • R*****y with violence against or intimidation of persons
  • Destructive Arson
  • Plunder
  • Importation of dangerous d***s and/or controlled precursors and essential chemicals
  • Sale, trading, administration, dispensation, delivery, distribution, and transportation of dangerous d***s and/or controlled precursors and essential chemicals
  • Possession of dangerous d***s
  • Cultivation/Culture of plants classified as dangerous d***s
  • Unlawful prescription of dangerous d***s
  • C******l liability of public offer for misappropriation, misapplication or failure to account for the confiscated, seized, or surrendered d***s
  • C******l liability for planting evidence
  • Carnapping

Listed above are the c****s that are punishable by d***h penalty. If caught and if you have no acceptable reason and opinion, then you are most definitely rightful to receive it once it is officially out and in practice.

The reason why our government currently wants this to take effect is because they want to make their citizens feel safe and secured. By all of the things happening around us, a lot of people are getting scared in terms of being out and carefree. If this gets officially approved and practiced, many Filipinos will get reassured of their safety and contentment.


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