No Cellphone While Driving To Be Imposed on May 18

“Texting while driving” has taken so many lives all around the world. In the U.S, there are about 1.6 million crashes every year and this is because of the distraction of our devices while we are on the road. Today, texting and driving takes about 200 deaths everyday all around the world.

No CellPhone While Driving

Last August 2016, the Anti-Distracted Driving Act became a law. This is to prohibit distractions such as texting, browsing the internet, even answering a phone call while driving.

This law would be imposed in the 18th of May 2017. Drivers who would be pesky should be penalized accordingly. For the fines, please see below.

A driver who will be caught using his/her mobile device inside the vehicle while he/she is in the driver’s seat shall be reprimanded. This includes mobile phone usage even when the car is immobile (stop on a traffic light or heavy traffic).

Here are the fines of the said law:
1st Offense: Php5,000.00 fine

  • 2nd Offense: Php10,000.00 fine
  • 3rd Offense: Php15,000.00 fine + 3-month suspension of driver’s license
  • 4th Offense: Php20,000.00 fine + revocation of driver’s license
There are exemptions to the rule which could actually save you from paying the fine.  These are as follows:
  • When the phone is being used for emergency purposes such as contacting:
    • Health Care Provider
    • Law Enforcement Agency
    • Fire Department
    • Emergency Departments/Agencies;
  • When operating an emergency vehicle such as a fire truck, an ambulance, a police vehicle, other vehicles used for emergency purposes.
  • When the phone is in hands-free mode which allows a driver to access his/her phone without paying too much attention to it; and if the mobile device does not cross or interfere the line of sight of the driver.
A lot of us are hoping that with this new law, the calamities of texting and driving would be lessened given the fact that the government is already imposing it as a rule.  Along with this, it is also important for drivers to be strictly reminded of road rules other than this to ensure a healthy, safe, and active driving environment.

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