Canada, Accepting About 1 Million Immigrants Until The Year 2020

In the years before, Canada has been the country that Filipinos dream of living in. With the weather, culture, and their cost of living, it truly is a good deal. This is why over thousands of Filipinos are currently living in Canada; either for work purposes or migration, Canada has been the “go-to” of Filipinos for out-of-the-country concerns. With their economy being better than ever, they’re expecting a total of one million immigrants until 2020. This report is according to the Liberal government which was planned five (5) months ago. This plan has been dubbed as the most ambitious immigration levels in recent history.

Wonder why it’s being dubbed that? Well the country is actually expecting a number of residents/migrants this year. To start off a clean slate, last year, they expect a total of a little over 300, 000 migrants; this year they’re expecting a slightly higher number which is 310, 000; 330, 000 in 2019; and lastly, 340, 000 in the year 2020. If you weren’t able to catch that, read that again.

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If this projection will be followed, it will bring almost one (1) percent of the total population of the world to Canada’s immigration.

If you try to think about it, it will kind of offset the aging population that the country has, allowing more and more workers to continue growing and to start families there. Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s immigration minister is the one who dubbed the “most ambitious immigration scheme” in recent history. As per Hussen, this plan will drive the country’s economy and will refresh all that has been lost to liability because of age and diseases. With this plan, Canada will start to regrow its working class and maintain a stable economy that would battle in a worldwide grade.

In addition to that, Hussen also said that they’re currently speeding up the process of job applications towards Canada to help families reunite and hasten citizenship applications to make room for more immigrants.

The Federal Government had recommendations that by 2021, newcomers should be somewhere around 450, 000. This is from the projection of the Federal’s own advisory of economic growth which of course aims to let a steam of working class people into the country to cover up the burden of the economy. According to Ahmed Hussen:

“At arriving at these numbers we listen very carefully to all stakeholders who told us they want to see an increase but they also want to make sure that each and every newcomer that we bring to Canada — bringing a newcomer to Canada is half of the job. We have to make sure that people are able to be given the tools that they need to succeed once they get here.”

So the goal is to help people be successful in terms of securing a job and in settling in the country itself. What do you think about this plan? Would this be able to assist OFWs in securing jobs abroad?

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  1. Good day. I’m single mom provide my 2 kids.. I’m working in Pakistan almost 5 yrs as a caregiver for 5.yrs old kids.. I want to apply as OFW in Canada.. I am 49 yrs old.. Fit to work.. Want some help if I’m qualified to work in Canada


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