LandBank’s Assistance For OFW’s Through the Reintegration Program

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) come across the globe just for them to provide for their families. Of course, they can’ be there away from them forever. Although there are OFWs who long to send their families abroad for a better life, there are some who wishes to go back home and work here in the Philippines instead. LandBank, which is a Philippine Bank, has a program that can assist OFWs. Their Reintegration Program gives aid to OFWs to make a loan to put up a business and work here instead.

The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) holds a partnership with LandBank to provide business opportunities for returning OFWs.

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Who are eligible in getting or being a part of LandBank’s Reintegration Program?

Returning OFWs who are members of OWWA are the OFWs who are eligible to avail this benefit. In addition, OWWA members who have had attended the capacity building program.

What types of projects can OFWs use to apply for the loan?

OFWs who are looking to start a business that has a purpose of growing the business can apply. The requirement would be that the monthly generated net income should be above Php10, 000.00.

The amount of loan they can get is a minimum of Php300, 000.00 that goes upward to a ceiling of Php2, 000, 000.00. They get the loan and they use that as working capital of the business they are looking to get.

How long can the loan be paid?

Short term loan is the type of loan that can be paid a maximum of one (1) year. Term loan however is the loan that will be based on the cash flow of the business but it should not exceed seven (7) years. That includes a maximum of two (2) years of grace period on the principal amount.

To secure the loan, LandBank will have the following:

  • Real Estate Mortgage (REM);
  • Machinery and Equipment Chattel;
  • Deed of assignment on inventory and receivables; and
  • Hold-out on term deposit

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I am a returning OFW or know someone who is, what are the requirements in applying for this reintegration program?

  • OWWA certification that the borrower is a legitimate overseas worker; has completed Enterprise Development Training; 
  • Bio-data of applicant to ensure personal identity;
  • Business plan/strategy for the specific project to of course ensure income for the OFW’s family;
  • Income Tax Return (last 3 years), if applicable;
  • Financial Statements (last 3 years, BIR-filed), if applicable;
  • With contract growing agreement, purchase order or service contract, if applicable;
  • Certificate of Registration with DTI;
  • Mayor’s Permit;
  • Latest Interim Financial Statement, if applicable; and
  • Statement of Assets and Liabilities
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How can one apply for this reintegration program?

1. First things you need to ensure is to undergo the necessary seminar and training about the program. Training and development features handling and managing a business, and of course the principal requirements in getting the loan.

2. After you’ve done that, you now need to secure the documentary requirement of LandBank from OWWA. This is the OWWA Certification that certifies you being an OFW and that you are a member of the organization.

3. Once all of those is finished, you can visit the nearest LandBank branch/LandBank Lending Center. From there, they will disclose information they need from you to push through with the loan application.


  • Make sure that you have necessary documents that supply that you have been working overseas since LandBank may require more;
  • Secure valid IDs and photocopies of them;
  • Make sure that you have a business plan. LandBank will ask what industry and type of business you’re starting so for them to have confidence, you need to present a business plan. The business plan doesn’t have to be elaborated, it can be a simple business plan that highlights the cost, profit, execution of the business, feasibility, and such; and
  • Ask help from the nearest OWWA branch on how you can get approved and how it can be approved fast so that you don’t have to return overseas for income.

Since the incident in Kuwait, our country is working on ways on how we can give our OFWs alternative ways on how they can earn money without them going or leaving the country. If you know someone or if you yourself is an OFW who is bound to return within the next few weeks to a month, look into getting the reintegration program from LandBank and work here so you can be with your families.

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