OWWA Grants Cash Aid To OFWs Displaced From Kuwait

Since the incident that happened in Kuwait, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) imposed deployment ban for OFWs who are to be working in Kuwait. This ban strictly applies to all kinds of workers regardless of skill and type of work; even for OFWs coming to Kuwait for the first time. This action by the department is in response to the directive of our dear President following the abusive cases and deaths of OFWs in Kuwait. The Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) grants cash aid to OFWs bound to Kuwait as help for the delay and the inconvenience.

Hans Leo Cacdac, OWWA administrator wrote in his social media post about the approval of the cash assistance. This approval is via OWWA Resolution 14-2018.

According to Cacdac, cash assistance would be in the amount of Php5, 000.00 for active members and Php2, 500.00 for inactive members.

“There will be cash assistance to those affected by the ban on OFW deployment to Kuwait as long as they are OWWA members and have Kuwait work visas as of February 12, 2018. They can get further information through the nearest OWWA regional offices for the cash assistance.”

After the incident, our government was alarmed with the occurrences and therefore imposed a strict deployment ban to workers bound to Kuwait. Good thing that the Department of Labor and Employment coped with this to ensure that the incident will not happen again.

On the other hand, the OWWA did a good job in supporting the loss of jobs by people who are to be bound in Kuwait. Workers under different industries and fields are part of the ban and therefore will receive cash assistance as long as they have their work visas to Kuwait and of course if they are to-be employed there.

What do you think about the deployment ban? Is it just a rightful action? Would there be extra or extension of measures and assistance in the event that this prolongs or spreads?

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