2018 iPhones to have Fast USB-C Chargers?

Good news for iPhone users who are wishing for a better and faster charging time for iPhones. The 2018 models of iPhones would not have USB-C chargers according to the news circulating now in various social media sites and review blogs. However, there are news that newer phones would include USB-C chargers instead of 5-watt units.

According to the news, there is a high possibility Apple iPhones that would be released this year would come with the USB-C cables.

So it’s like hitting two birds with one stone – you know that a newer iPhone will be released this year and you know that it’s going to come with USB Type-C capabilities.

But wait, what is a USB-C charger?

USB-C delivers faster charging than USB-A – which is the common split of smartphone chargers today. Apple traditionally used this charger on their older phones. ChargerLab’s report actually matches an assertion from China’s Weibo which stated that phones would come with USB-C charges, as well as USB-C-to-lightning cable. How cool is and efficient is that?

This means more savings for iPhone fans all over the world. We are all aware that Apple iPhones are much more expensive than its counterparts, and that is also true as regards their iPhones’ accessories.

The latest models of iPhones, such as iPhone 8 and X, can perform super-fast charging. Since the chargers that are currently included when you buy them can’t utilize this unique feature, it’s sad to say that they’re limit is just until there.

However, what’s for sure is that currently, USB-C chargers and corresponding charger accessories are being sold separately by Apple and it costs more than the chargers included in the original package.

If the rumor is true, then we can definitely see, yet again, another surge in Apple iPhones’ market sales.

This is good news, not only for iOS users, but android users as well. Why? because this will be the start for more smartphone companies to be more competitive in terms of prolonging battery life, maximizing energy, and additional accessories included in every phone kit.

It is said that in June, Apple would make another announcement, and the confirmation of this rumor would depend on that. We just have to wish for the best and hopefully, Apple will prioritize the benefits that iPhone fans will get from their well-loved phone company.

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