Japan Offers Jobs to Filipinos – Php73, 000 to Php78, 000 Salary Per Month

Filipinos who want to work in Japan are being offered up to Php78, 000 per month. People who are interested can go to POEA directly to see the current job postings. Beware of fake recruitment agencies for they will promise a job placement and will get various fees from you – which of course won’t really get you a job there so be extra cautious.

Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS) is currently looking for 150 qualified nurses, and more than 750 healthcare workers according to POEA. Php78, 000 monthly salary for nurses and Php73, 000 for care workers is the projection.

If you’re interested, then you probably want to inquire about it. However, there are certain qualifications as to who are eligible for that kind of deal:


  • Nursing graduate with valid license with 3 years experience in the hospital industry; and
  • 6-month language training before deployment


  • Interested applicants should possess a caregiving certificate from the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA); and
  • 6-month language training before deployment

In addition to that, as you can see, there’s a 6-month language training requirement for qualified applicants as well. POEA Deputy Administrator Jocelyn Sanches assures candidates that the training is free and even comes with allowance. So if you’re interested, what are you waiting for?

Sanches also also advised applicants to finish the training because after that, big salaries await lucky applicants who will be chosen for the posts. She also exclaimed that since it’s a government-to-government program, workers are sure to get benefits and will be treated fairly by trusted employers.

Applications will be accepted until June 1, 2018 in POEA Regional Offices in your area, while June 4, 2018 on POEA Central Office.

Japan is not the only country looking for our skills. Taiwan is also offering jobs to qualified Filipinos; they’re currently in need of 80 female factory workers. Another joint project of our government and NXP Semiconductors Taiwan Ltd.

The monthly salary for the mentioned position is Php36, 000. Applicants should possess at least a 2-year college diploma. The deadline for submitting applications is on May 23rd.

For those who are interested to apply, please complete all the necessary requirements before heading towards Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) Offices to avoid delays. It would be much better if you would have your documents photocopied at least 3 copies each so in the event that they need some, you’re prepared.

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  1. hi, im 47, im still fit for work, i want to work and serve in Japan as Factory worker.

    Do i have a chance?


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