Over 300,000 Jobs in Japan is Going to be Offered; Filipinos are Their Priority

In a lot of previous articles stemming from the previous years, it’s one thing to note that foreign countries look at our country as a place where tons of workers are actually “worth it.” What I mean by that is that a lot of our neighboring countries, even countries far from us, prefer hiring Filipino […]

56,000 Foreign Workers to be Accepted by Korea in 2019

Many Filipinos resort to being Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) because of the difference in the pay. We talk about this a lot and because of this, Filipinos have been improving in finding and in giving services to other countries. Within the early parts of next year, South Korea will be accepting 56,000 foreign workers under […]

More than 1,000 jobs for PWDs, offered by DOLE

Some people think that being disabled already disqualifies you of being able to work appropriately. Although it’s difficult and kind of harsh to think of it that way, disabilities are difficult to be used to and is kind of hard to overcome. However, we shouldn’t think of disabled people like this because disabilities shouldn’t kill […]

Around 5,000 Hotel Workers, Could be Offered to Filipinos in Israel

As known by many, thousands of Filipinos are looking for jobs out of the country to be able to provide for their families. Israel, which is most often out of the context when jobs are talked about, would be needing thousands of workers,¬†hopefully, Filipino workers. The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) has high hopes […]

McDonald’s Philippines “Go Hire Day” for more Employees

McDonald’s, one of the biggest food chains in the world, is currently looking for more employees this year. They’re starting a mass hiring campaign and their target is to employ over 1, 000 Filipinos before the year ends. The “Go Hire Day” program is made to help locals have jobs all over the country. It’s […]

Direct Singapore Jobs for OFWs this 2018

Most Filipinos yearn for a job abroad and that being said, Singapore is one of many favorites. Besides the fact that it’s just near, the salary is quite higher than other countries. Just a few months back, a lot of Singapore employers declared salaries of around SGD 2, 000 to SGD 3, 200 a month. […]