Grab Is Planning To Charge Riders Who Cancel Trips

Since the erasure of Uber, many people were complaining about Grab drivers’ behavior. A lot of people made complaints to the extent of drivers being penalized, suspended, and worse – be kicked out of the company. The giant ride-hailing company will start to realign everything and will start at imposing charges on riders who will cancel trips.

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Last Tuesday, May 8 2018, Grab Philippines marketing head Cindy Toh announced that there are ongoing discussions to roll out a new feature in a few months. This feature being the “cancellation fee,” is something that drivers are wishing to have because according to data, riders cancel more than them.

Grab is eyeing to impose a cancellation fee – our target [is] that this will be done within the [next] 100 days,” Toh said.

According to marketing head, their data reveals that passengers cancel 12% of their rides; drivers only cancel 8% of their bookings.

Uber, another ride-hailing giant, had a cancellation fee for passengers who would cancel their rides. Grab, being trustful of clients, failed to see that this can be one of the reasons why drivers act the way they do before the commotion this year.

In addition to that, Toh also said that a new receipt is on its way. This new receipt will include a breakdown of the charges on every trip. The new receipt would be the evidence if a certain fare is justifiable or not. Furthermore, this will stop the arguments surrounding drivers asking for “extra” if they feel that the trip is longer but cheaper.

On the new receipt, you should be able to see the surge rate and the base fare, how many kilometers ang travel mo (your travel was). That is already a work in progress,” Toh said.

Do you think these implementation would make our experience better? Moreover, would this answer the current discussions about drivers not doing their jobs correctly? Whatever happens, we do hope that the transport system in our country does not fall short in customer service, comfortability, and of course professionalism.

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