My UMID Wasn’t Delivered To My Address, What Should I Do Now?

The Social Security System (SSS) has a new Identification card (I.D.) format and is known as the Unified Multi-Purpose I.D (UMID). In a previous post, we discussed on how you can get this UMID. To give you a brief refresher, it’s actually pretty simple.

  1. You visit the nearest SSS branch from your location, tell the guards that you’re trying to get a UMID;
  2. They then will provide an application form for the UMID that you need to fill out;
  3. You will have this verified on one station/window;
  4. Once everything is done, your picture and biometrics/fingerprints will be taken.

For the requirements, you need to ensure you have:

The PhilPost officer will tell you to wait for a month to three months in total. You will receive it right on your doorstep. Pretty simple, right? But what if you don’t receive it within the time frame?

We can’t deny the fact that our mailing system is not that well. As a matter of fact, a lot of us know this and just disregard it. Since we have the internet now, who needs to ponder upon these things, right? But you’ve taken the effort and tried getting the UMID, you can’t just disregard it. First things first, can you check your application’s status?

How can you check and verify the status of your UMID application?

Well you definitely can check the status of your application. You can check this through the website where you check on your contributions. If you already have an online account, then just log-in and we’ll be giving you the steps below. If not, then you better read how you can view or check your SSS contributions online.

  • Proceed to the official SSS website and log in to your account (Member Login).
  • Hover your cursor over E-Services, then click Inquiry.
  • Go to Member Info and click SSS ID Card.

From here, you can find the Transaction/Card Status which specifies dates of your SSS UMID Card generation, packaging, and mailing. In the event that it’s already finished and delivered in the system, you should immediately contact the SSS to know the whereabouts of your UMID. Since it wasn’t delivered to your address, it should be somewhere. It won’t show “delivered” or “completed” if it wasn’t produced and sent out in the first place.

How can I contact SSS about my UMID application?

So you’re already wondering where it is. You’ve been told to wait for a month to a maximum of three (3) months and you’re still lost. Contacting SSS would be the best course of action to take from here. You can email them and inquire about the status. The email you should send it to would either be:

In order for them to have your email properly filtered, have the subject line clear that you’re looking for your UMID since it hasn’t been delivered. You could use:

  • My UMID was undelivered
  • UMID Card Status Says Completed But I Still Don’t Have It Yet

In your message, indicate important points like the date of your application, and the branch where you submitted it. In addition, if they need to reprocess it, include vital information about yourself:

  • Full name (Last Name, Middle Name, First Name)
  • Birth date (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Complete Address
  • SS Number

It would take a few hours to half a day for them to verify your message and respond to it. Depending on their response would be the next thing you should do. Moreover, you can call them in their hotline at (632) 920-6401. 

Although it could be stuck in the post office of your city/municipality, you can of course check it with them.

Claiming your UMID through post office

If you don’t get a clear answer in contacting the SSS, it’s your best bet that your UMID is sitting in the post office of where your address is. If you’ve moved, it is sent to the post office listed or registered when you went to apply for a UMID in the SSS office. In order for them to verify that it really is you, you need to present:

  • SSS ID Claim stub (the paper where it’s marked by SSS and PhilPost when you applied);
  • One valid ID; and
  • Reference number (you can find that in the stub)

The last part of your UMID application is handled and managed by Philpost. Therefore, it’s actually them responsible if you receive it right on your doorstep or not. Moreover, the last clerk there informs people that if they don’t receive it within a month or three, they can claim it in the post office of where they live.

To wrap things up, if you don’t receive your UMID within a month or three:

  • Contact the SSS through: (Email or their hotline)
  • View the status of your UMID Card application; and
  • Claim it on the post office to where you addressed your UMID card.

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  1. Matagal na po ako nag apply ng SSS card… it’s been years until now wala pa rin po. Paano po ba makukuha? Nasayang lang pagod ko sa pagpila wala namang dumating.SSS MAIN QC po ako nag apply.


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