EasySurf: TM Data Promos with Free FB, YouTube, Spotify, Games and more!

Being a subsidiary of Globe, Touch Mobile (TM) has a lot of TM data promos that subscribers can take advantage of. Although Globe promos can also be done by TM subscribers, a lot of TM data promos are better and more efficient. In this article, we will be discussing one of the more popular TM data promos you can get – the EasySurf promos.

What is the EasySurf?

This is the newest TM data promos that the company offers. It’s packed with a lot of freebies, as a matter of fact, choices of free apps if you subscribe to either the EASYSURF599 or 999 are: Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, Games (Arena of Valor, Mobile Legends, Pokemon GO, Clash of Clans, & Clash Royale), Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Daily Motion, Spotify, or musical.ly; HOOQ & Disney are available freebies for EasySURF599 & 999.

NOTE: This new freebie is available until July 31, 2018 only and includes the apps listed above.

How can I register to the EASYSURF promo?

In registering, you just need to send the keyword and send it to 8080. Example: EASYSURF599 and send to 8080.

With this TM data promo, subscribers will be able to enjoy:

  • Whatever use of mobile data;
  • Freebies for facebook and other social media applications;
  • Netflix and other EasyWatch apps; and
  • Mobile Legends and other EasyPlay apps

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What are the keywords for these TM data promos?

Listed below are the keywords you need to text in order for you to get the EASYSURF promo that you’re looking to register to. Of course, you need to have sufficient amount of load or credits into your account for the promo to be effective:

1 day
30 MB Arena of Valor
50 MB for Facebook, Viber, Snapchat or Pokemon Go
2 days
300MB for choice of apps* + FREE 2 GB for EasyWATCH and Play**
3 days
1 GB for choice of apps* + FREE 2 GB for EasyWATCH
30 days
1GB for choice of apps* + FREE 2GB for EasyWATCH and Play**
30 days
1 GB for choice of apps* + FREE 2 GB for EasyWATCH and Play**
30 days

REMINDER: The following are new freebies that are available only until July 31, 2018:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • HOOQ
  • NBA
  • Carton Network
  • Disney Channel
  • Fox+

How will I know if the promo is active on my account?

Once you’re successful in registering to the promo, you will immediately receive a confirmation message that the promo is already active on your account. The message will say:

Confirmation Message:
“Ayos, Ka-TM! Registered ka na sa EasySURF50! Meron kang 1GB pang-internet na magagamit hanggang MM/DD/YY HH:MM. Abangan ang susunod na text tungkol sa iyong EasySURF freebie. Pag naubos ito, regular browsing rate ang charge kung hindi ka naka-register sa surf promo. Para sa dagdag na kaalaman, i-text ang EZ INFO sa 8080.”

To have an idea on how you can claim your freebies:

Social networking sites:

For Facebook, use the keyword EZ50 FB
To get Twitter, use the keyword EZ50 TWITTER
Instagram, use the keyword EZ50 IG
Snapchat, use the keyword EZ50 SNAPCHAT
Viber, use the keyword EZ50 VIBER


Mobile Legends, Pokemon Go, at COC, use the keyword EZ50 GAMES
YouTube & Dailymotion, use the keyword EZ50 VIDEO
Spotify, use the keyword EZ50 SPOTIFY
Musical.ly, use the keyword EZ50 MU”

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Would I be able to check the status or the remaining MBs on my account?

Definitely! You can check how much MBs you have left for you not to use raw credits or load. You can do that by texting EZSTATUS and send it to 8080 for free. After doing so, it’ll give you the remaining data that you have for your EasySurf promo.

In the response you won’t know how much data you have left including the data you have left from your extra 2GB freebies. To know the remaining data you have in your freebies, Text EZ<denom> <freebie> STATUS and send it to 8080 for FREE. Ex: Type EZ50 Instagram STATUS send to 8080.

Are EasySurf promos stackable?

Fortunately, yes. You can subscribe to other EasySurf promos while you’re subscribed to an EasySurf promo as of the moment. It’ll stack with whatever EasySurf promo you’re subscribed to. However, 30-day EasySurf promos could not be stacked like the EasySurf299, 599, and the EasySurf999. Other and smaller EasySurf promos can be stacked with one another. In addition, you can just have one freebie (you can’t have two freebies at once). So, don’t be surprised if you’ll only see or use one freebie out of your stacked TM data promo.

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Are you a Globe/TM subscriber? Are you looking for good data promo, specifically TM data promos? Worry no more because these EasySurf promos are the newest addition to the data promo family! You won’t just get the data that you need, you’ll also have freebies you can use with your EasySurf promo!

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