Garena PH League of Legends PH: How to Get IP using Garena Gas

A lot of Filipinos have been ramping on Leage of Legends. It’s a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game which you can play from Garena PH. The game has evolved in years and the number of players are increasing exponentially. They find it entertaining to play because of different heroes and gameplay; like Defense of the Ancients (DOTA), the game tests their skill and critical thinking.

Right now, you need to have a Garena PH account if you want to play hand-in-hand with other LoL SouthEast Asia (SEA) players. One thing that most players are stressing on is the fact that they want to purchase many different characters or heroes. However, they cannot get over the fact that they don’t have enough Influence Points (IP) which is the currency of the game. Garena PH, however, offers a lot of chances to get IP fast using Garena Gas. In this tutorial, we will be guiding you how you can gain a lot of IP (it’s now called Blue Essence) in an easy and a fast way.

What are Influence Points?

Influence Points or IP is the currency of the game. Every time you finish a game, you get IP. The higher your rank in a certain game, the more IP you get. Winning or losing, you get IP. However, the winners get more IP so every player should have a goal to win each match. Therefore, performing better in a certain game can actually lead to you getting more IP and eventually, purchasing the character or hero you’re longing for.

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How can I get IP without spending real cash?

One way of getting huge loads of IP is by purchasing Riot Points (RP) for your game. As a matter of fact, a lot of players purchase these for them to dress up their characters/champions in a game. Others, however, use real cash to get the character or hero they want. Garena PH, the game’s platform, is offering a way on how you can get IP fast and in a legitimate way without spending money, here’s how.

Get free IP (Blue Essence) using Garena PH Gas

Of course, you would need a couple of things to prepare for before you can get free IP using Garena Gas:

  • Garena PH account
  • Smartphone App
  • Garena GAS app
  1. Firstly, you would need to download the Garena Gas app through their official website (APK for Android users/App store link for iPhone users).
  2. Log into the app using your Garena PH account credentials.
  3. After doing so, you will see the “LoL Assist” portion as the homepage of the app. You will see a lot of different tabs and categories there and you need to select “Magic Spin.”
  4. It will open a new page. From there, tap on “Spin to Win.” The following are the usual prizes from that mini-game:
    • Ward Skin
    • Summoner Icon
    • Champion Skin
    • 100-500 amount of IP or Blue Essence

There are instances where you don’t get anything but do not lose hope because you can always SPIN every eight (8) hours! Meaning, you can do it three (3) times a day! In addition to that, you can enable the notification “Notify me when next chance is available” so that you’re nudged every eight (8) hours from your last SPIN.

Garena PH Garena Gas FAQs

I won something. How can I claim it from Garena PH Garena Gas?

Prizes from the “Magic Spin” section are automatically sent to your Garena PH account within 24 hours. You will receive a Garena Gas notification in your League of Legends dashboard.

Would I be able to see the prizes I’ve won? Like the history?

Definitely! For you to see the prizes you’ve won, while on the Magic Spin scren, tap on the GIFT icon. It’s easy-to-find and it’s placed next to the dropdown menu just right above the wheel. Clicking on this would display the items you’ve won.

I won a Skin Ward, where do I see this? Is it also sent automatically to my League of Legends account?

Yes, it automatically gets sent to your LoL client. To see and to have access to it, open your League of Legends account and go to store. Select ward skins and notice that the tick box in the skin you’ve won is ticked.

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What if I win a Champion Skin, is it permanent?

Unfortunately, no. It’s a rental skin so it won’t be labeled as “owned” in the LoL store. However, if you’re about to enter a match and you select the champion who you won a skin with, it’ll show there. It’ll also include the expiration there so no need to worry.

Does spinning require a specific time of day?

No! However, you only have a chance of spinning every eight (8) hours or three (3) times a day. That’s the only limit you have in terms of spinning the wheel to getting more prizes!

Garena PH is offering this chance to people and players who are not fond of spending real money for games. Although there’s so much to see if you dedicate real money to gaming, some people find it uneconomical. Worry not because Garena PH is here and is ready to assist!

Are you a Garena PH member? Do you play League of Legends? If both answers are yes, then what are you waiting for? Download the Garena Gas application now and enjoy tons of freebies and prizes!

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