Updated List of Globe Call and Text Promos for 30 Days

Interested in subscribing to a Globe call and text promo for 30 days? There actually are a lot! As a matter of fact, since the GoSAKTO innovation, a lot of Globe subscribers experiment on their plans to have a 3-day, a 7-day, or a 30-day promo. We will tell you the different Globe call and text promos for 30 days.

Why would a 30-day promo be better than a short-term one?

A lot of people try and look for a promo that would last for 30 days. Whether it’s for calling or for texting, they would highly suggest getting a 30-day promo. Why do you think so? One reason is that Globe offers promos that are cheaper if they’re longer. They won’t appear cheap but if you do the math, getting them can actually help you save more rather than getting a week-by-week promo.

In addition to that, it’s also equivalent to having a postpaid plan except, it’s more flexible and it’s cheaper. Subscribing to a Globe call and text promo for 30 days would help you save up to 50 pesos worth of load in the long-run. Imagine, getting a day-by-day unlimited calls and texts promo would cost you Php20.00 already VS. getting a 30-day package which costs less than a thousand pesos; do the math and see what we mean.

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Plus, you don’t have to anticipate an expiry every single day; it eases out your stress that your promo might be expired already. In conclusion, getting a 30-day package is more convenient, substantially cheaper, and would offer better freebies than those short-term promos.

How can I register to these Globe call and text promos for 30 days?

You can register via the *143# menu or via SMS/texting. Even on how you register, they’re extremely flexible! What more can you ask for? If you’re looking to register through the menu, dial *143# on your dial pad and wait for the menu to appear.

Afterward, hit on “1” to access the GoSAKTO option. From there, you’ll be able to experiment on your plan depending on the type of promo you want (calling, texting, and data), and the duration of the promo you’re yearning to get. In this scenario, you have to select 30 days.

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In registering through SMS or texting, you need to know the keyword of the promo you’re applying for. Most people start this by utilizing the *143# menu because this allows them to:

  • Know the name of the plan in case they like it; or
  • Name the plan that they’ve created themselves

Example: GOCOMBOAKCOF139 and send it to 8080.

What common promos are being used by subscribers? What are the keywords?

In this list, we’ve gathered up the most registered promos in the market and we’ll give them to you for you to know what they are and if you’re interested, you can try for yourselves. As a bonus, we’ll also give you some of the bugs or loopholes of Globe that would enhance the promo that you currently have.

This list would contain only Globe call and text promos for 30 days. Although there are plans which include data as their freebie, our focus would be on calls and texts.


  • 1020 all net texts
  • 510 mins of calls to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid
  • 30 days (20MB free Facebook)
  • TOTAL = 157 pesos


  • 1020 all net texts
  • 500 mins of calls to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid
  • 1.02GB consumable data for 30 days (20MB free Facebook )
  • TOTAL = 217 Pesos


  • 1020 texts to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid
  • 1.02GB data consumable for 30 days
  • TOTAL = 145 Pesos


  • 1000 all net texts for 30 days
  • 1.02GB data
  • TOTAL = 196 Pesos


  • 1020 all net texts for 1 month
  • 510mins calls to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid
  • 1GB Data for 1 day
  • TOTAL = 197 Pesos


  • 2GB mobile data for 1 month
  • TOTAL = 198 Pesos


  • 1000 all net texts
  • 110mins calls to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid
  • 1GB data for 30 days
  • TOTAL = 214 Pesos

Those are the most famous ones in terms of getting Globe call and text promos for 30 days. That’s not just the available promos. As a matter of fact, there are a hundred different categories to choose from. To know what they are, access the *143# menu option and see it there.

NOTE: Globe’s GoSAKTO promos’ keywords change every now and then. This might be the name today but it might be different the following days. Moreover, they might replace it with a different plan and you’ll just make a mistake so always double check.

How can I check if the promo is still active or running?

To check if the promo is still available, register without a promotion. It’ll tell you two (2) things:

  • That the keyword you entered is incorrect or is not boarded to their system; or
  • You do not have sufficient balance to run the promo.

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If you get the latter, then obviously, the promo is still active and you just do not have sufficient balance in your account for the promo to kick in. In addition to that, we also mentioned the different bugs and loopholes that Globe isn’t noticing or are they doing it on purpose?

Different bugs for Globe call and text promos for 30 days

You first have to register to this GoSAKTO plan combination:

  • GOCOMBOGKEA57 for Php57.00; and
  • GOCOMBOAHAF204 for Php204.00
  • TOTAL = Php261.00

The duo plan includes: 1, 020 all-net texts; 510 minutes of calling Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid; and 1 GB of consumable data for a month. 

After you receive the confirmation for both, you can now start loading these add-ons. We’ll sort them from the minimum amount to the amount that is almost Php100.00 in add-ons:

  •  GOCTCOMBOGKA14 to 8080 for additional 500 call minutes; additional PhP14
  •  GOTSCOMBOHAA17 to 8080 for additional 1000 All-net texts; additional PhP17
  •  GOCOMBOGHAA24 to 8080 for additional 1000 All-Net texts and 500 call minutes; additional PhP24
  •  GOCOMBOIKEA48 to 8080 for additional 1 GB consumable data; additional PhP48
    • Other options for additional 1GB: GOTSCOMBOKEA37; GOTSCOMBOAEA37; or GOCOMBOAKEA53.
  •  GOCOMBOGKEA57 to 8080 for additional 20 All-Net texts, 500 call minutes and 1 GB consumable data; additional PhP57
  •  GOCOMBOCAD64 to 8080 for additional 100 call minutes, 1000 All-Net texts and 1 GB consumable data; additional PhP64
  •  GOCOMBODAD65 to 8080 for additional 50 All-Net texts, 500 call minutes and 1 GB consumable data; additional P65
  •  GOCOMBOADD65 to 8080 for additional 1000 All-Net texts, 10 call minutes and 1 GB consumable data; additional P65
  •  GOCOMBODDD71 to 8080 for additional 1000 All-Net texts, 500 call minutes and 1 GB consumable data; additional P71

These are the most famous plans that are good for one month. They’re not only plans, most of them contain huge minutes in calling, all-net texts, and a bit of data good for 30 days.

How can I check the remaining balance of my plan as a whole?

You can either utilize the *143# menu option or by sending GOSAKTO STATUS and send it to 8080. That way, you’ll be able to monitor your usage even if you don’t have an active internet connection. It’s just done through phone!

What are you waiting for? Grab these Globe promos now and enjoy the benefit of having a huge amount of minutes for your calling, unlimited texting both Globe and all-net, and a few data for 30 days!

REMINDER: Plan names change so be sure to be updated with the plan name. You can do so by visiting the Globe prepaid website or through by registering and waiting for the response. You being deducted of loads and credits is the last thing we want.

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