GoSAKTO20 – Globe Unlimited Calls and Texts, plus Data for only 20 Pesos

Globe’s GoSAKTO20 allows you to have Globe unlimited calls and texts to all networks, and 20MB of data! Are you tired of just the plain unlimited texting of Globe? Or with the COMBO20 which gives you only 50 minutes of calling? With the newest and hottest GoSAKTO20 offer of globe, you can enjoy unlimited calls to Globe, TM, and Cherry Prepaid subscribers, unlimited texting to all networks, plus20MB of data!

What are the details of this promo?

  • Promo name: GoSAKTO20
  • Promo inclusions: Globe unlimited calls/Unlimited texting to all networks/20MB of data
  • Validity: 1 day
  • Balance needed: Php20.00

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How can I register to the GoSAKTO20 promo?

You have two (2) ways on how you can register: You can register through SMS or texting or through the *143# menu. Both are convenient and honestly, we don’t have a preference on what to suggest because both are just easy ways on how you can register to the GoSAKTO20 promo.

To register through SMS/Text:

Get Globe unlimited calls and all-net texts with 20MB of data by texting GOCOMBOEEA20 and send it to 8080. Yes, that’s just how easy it is! Just ensure that you have at least Php21.00 on your account or credits, (At least Php1.00 to make the program work) and there you go!

To register through the *143# menu:

Dial the *143# option, select option 1 for GoSAKTO, then option 3 for the GoSAKTO20. Follow the instructions to register to the plan. In addition to the GoSAKTO20, you can also avail other GoSAKTO promos! You just have to customize it using the GoSAKTO menu for you to gauge what promos are eligible for the credits that you have on your account.

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Will I get a confirmation message that the promo has been added to my account?

Yes! Once you register through SMS or through the *143# menu and you were successful with the unlocking, you’ll get a confirmation message telling you that you can use your Globe unlimited calls, all-net texts and 20MB of data for one whole day!

If you’re interested in getting other plans, you can visit the Globe prepaid website to see what other plans you can get with the same amount. Furthermore, you’ll be able to see and know what plans or promos you’re eligible for in the future!

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