HIGHACTIVE30 – Unlicall and text to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid, Free FB for 7 Days

TM, a subsidiary of Globe Telecom, has exciting plans and promotions for their prepaid users. Since most Filipinos still utilize calling and texting often, it’s not a surprise that this telecommunications company still enhance their plans. Did you know that you can enjoy TM unli call and text promo for only Php30.00? In addition to that, you can also use up to 500 MB of Facebook access per day. By the way, the plan lasts for seven (7) days, yes a week long for only Php30.00.

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What’s the catch of this promo?

This TM unli call and text promo is currently just available for selected subscribers nationwide. However, TM is on the move in improving that certain fact in order for all TM subscribers to avail this wonderful plan.

The reason for this is unsure but it is reported that not all TM subscribers can get this promotion. Luckily some people are able to avail this promotion but of course, TM is on the move on improving this. The HighActive30 is actually one of the secret plans that we most know of in Globe.

What exactly is this plan?

Description of the promo:

Promo name: HIGHACTIVE30

Promo inclusions:

  • Unlimited calls and texts to Globe/TM/Cherry Prepaid
  • Free Facebook (500MB/day)

Validity: Seven (7) days
Balance requirement: Php30.00

How can I register to this TM unli call and text promo?

In order for you to try if your number can access this certain promo, you can text HIGHACTIVE30 and send it to 8080. You can try and text this even if you don’t have enough credits or load just for you to try your eligibility.

If you receive the SMS notification that says:

Naku, hindi sapat and inyong balance para makapag-register sa promo na ito. Kung di pa makapag-load dial *143# at piliin and UTANG para tuloy-tuloy ang kwentuhan.”

Sorry, your load balance is not enough for you to register to this promo. If you’re not able to reload now, dial *143# and select the option UTANG to continue chatting with friends and family!”

If you’re unable to get this promo or you don’t have enough credits, you can avail the HIGHACTIVE15 promotion. It’s technically the same but it’s just three (3) days. It also gives you 500MB of free Facebook per day, Cherry Prepaid, Globe, a TM unli call and text promo, and a peace of mind that you’ll be able to connect with friends and family all over the country.

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