One of the best things you can do with Garena Energy is by getting free XP for your LoL account. Of course, we’ll tell you what Garena Energy is, what XP is, and what you’ll be getting out of this tutorial – free bonus Garena XP. We won’t leave you hanging, confused and wondering about what we’ll be talking about here. Just like getting free IP, the process is technically the same.

Do I need requirements in getting free bonus Garena XP via Garena Energy?

Of course, before you can go and get free bonus XP, you need to be members or you need to have accounts with the following:

  • Garena account with League of Legends (LoL)
  • Garena Plus (+) client
  • Stable internet connection

You need to log-in to your Garena + client account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register through this link. If you’re wondering how you can get accumulate Garena Energy, just stay online or play League of Legends (LoL). Just leave it online for it to gain more and more points and energy.

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What is the computation for Garena Energy?

When you’re online

Leaving it online increases 1 Garena Energy (GE) per 5 minutes. To give you a simple computation for that:

1 day = 24 hrs = 1440 mins

Since 1 energy is given every five (5) minutes, you will get 288 GE per day (if you keep it online for 24 hours) (Current Upper Limit: 43000 GE)

When you’re offline

When you’re offline, however, it decreases 1 Garena Energy (GE) per 20 minutes. A sample computation would be:

1 day = 24 hrs = 1440 mins

1 Garena Energy lost per 20 minutes would take away 72 Garena Energy in 24 hours.

From there, you’ll be able to accumulate Garena Energy (GE). You can monitor your Garena Energy (GE) by clicking the diamond icon on the top-right hand part of the interface of the Garena + client. You will see that when you have enough GE, you will be able to get free bonus Garena XP boosts.

  • 1000 GE – 1-Win XP boost
  • 3000 GE – 1-Day XP boost
  • 5000 GE – 3x-Day XP boost

Once you have enough GE, you can claim your prizes by clicking on “Redeem Prizes.” When you get or redeem your rewards, you will be redirected to the Garena Login page. There you go! You were now able to get free bonus Garena XP for your League of Legends account.

Are you a LoL player? Do you want to gain free bonus Garena XP? What are you waiting for? Follow these guidelines now and get your free XP!



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