Sun Postpaid Plan: Sun Fixed Load Plan 300

Are you looking to have a postpaid Sun account? If yes, then you can start with this Sun fixed load plan 300 which gives you unlimited calls to Sun/Smart/TnT subscribers, unlimited all-net texts, and free Viber and Facebook. This SIM-only Sun postpaid plan is tailor-fit to customers who are on a tight budget but are still fond of being online in Facebook, Viber, and who want to have unlimited calling and texting. In this article, we will be teaching you everything you need to know about this Sun fixed load plan 300 promo.

This Sun fixed load plan 300 is part of the newer additions to the Sun postpaid family. It doesn’t provide a phone, which makes it a SIM-only plan. That simply means that you’ll just have services, not a phone. Most postpaid plans give you a phone but the price is subsidized. Tihs plan, however, is only 300 pesos a month and you get Sun Cellular services.

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How can I apply for the Sun fixed load plan 300?

Since it’s postpaid, you would have to consult a Sun Cellular shop if you’re looking to apply. You need to fill out an application form and of course, submit certain requirements. It’s not like a promo wherein you just have to register through your mobile phone, you need to apply, you really need to let Sun Cellular know for this.

Requirements you need to submit:

  • Duly accomplished application form
  • One (1) valid proof of billing under your name
  • One (1) valid proof of income
  • Valid ID

Sun fixed load plan 300 details:

The plan would give you unlimited texting to all networks, unlimited calling to Sun, Smart, and Talk ‘N Text subscribers, and free Facebook and Viber access. The plan costs 300 pesos a month so everything is just for 300 pesos! Imagine all of the features that you’ll be getting for just that price. Moreover, there’s no lock-in period so you’re not bound to a contract if you plan to get this plan.

Can I also top-up this plan if I wish to?

Definitely! There are optional features you can add to your plan if you think that the features it will provide you is insufficient. Of course, adding those options would require additional charges so be prepared.

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Are there risks of being declined involved in subscribing to this plan?

Like any other postpaid plan, they would have to double check your background of course. This means that they’ll check your credit history, your career background, what types of services and loans you have, and such.

Even if the plan is just worth 300 pesos a month, it’ll be a large sum if a lot of people are unable to settle the amount. This is why telecommunication providers strictly check on people’s buying capabilities.

If I apply for this Sun fixed load plan 300 promo, how can I pay for the monthly?

Even if it’s a SIM-only plan, you would still be billed monthly for the services you are getting. Having a SIM-only plan does not necessarily mean that you can just pay it off each month. Since you’re getting the services first before you even pay for it, then you would be billed for what you are to use.

Sun Cellular has an online portal where you can manage your account, view your bills, make payments, and do a lot of stuff. In addition to that, you can also pay your bills via the PayMaya app but you need to have a PayMaya account before you can use that.

Another option is by using the USSD code of Sun and pay by purchasing credits. Dial *247# and register. After doing so, choose the amount 300 pesos and then load your account up!

Are there late payment charges if I pay my bills out of the due date?

Yes! You will actually incur late payment charges if you do not pay your bills on time. Another thing that might happen is that you might not be eligible for different upgrades and retention plans in the future.

Moreover, you’ll also be eligible for MVP rewards and discounts.

That’s about it! You will be able to enjoy the Sun fixed load plan 300 if you know all of those. As a matter of fact, a lot of people enjoy Sun Cellular plans because they’re cheap and they have a lot of features and benefits that many customers can take advantage of.

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Are you interested in being a postpaid customer? Are you looking for a plan that is inexpensive but holds a lot of features? What are you waiting for? Subscribe to the Sun fixed load plan 300 promo now and enjoy calling, texting, and free Facebook and Viber, all for just 300 pesos!

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