SMART’s SOS Load or Utang Load Smart

Need emergency load but don’t have a friend to do a pasaload or a retailer for extra load near you? Try Smart’s Loan Load Service or the Utang Load Smart facility and repay the price when you reload your account.

Here in the Philippines, getting access to credits or load is easy. However, there will come times wherein those would be difficult or rather unattainable. Most, if not all, of our providers have an easy fix for these types of scenarios. As a matter of fact, they let their subscribers loan from them so that they can continue with their activities. In this article, we will be guiding you on SMART’s SOS Loan load service or also known as the Utang load Smart facility.

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What is the SOS Load or Utang Load Smart?

This facility allows subscribers to borrow load from Smart and then repay it when they reload their accounts. In other words, it’s a token to you to continue what you’re using when you forget that your promo is to expire. People use this utang load smart facility for emergency instances, availability issues, and when they’re just incapable of securing load.

Can promos be loaned as well?

Definitely. Smart allows its users to borrow load that would suffice a promo requirement. What we mean by that is that you can use the utang load smart facility to borrow credits up to 30 Php!

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Below is the list of the promos that you can loan using the SOS Load Loan service:

SOS Load

Price (to be deducted as payment)
How to redeem
What the receiver would get

All Out Surf 20

Text SOS<space>ALLOUT20 to 7676
1 day
150MB Data
20 min calls to SMART/TNT/SUN
Unlimited texts to all networks
Unlimited Facebook
All Out Surf 30
Text SOS<space>ALLOUT30 to 7676
2 days

300MB Data
30 min calls to SMART/TNT/SUN
Unlimited texts to all networks
Unlimited Facebook

UCT 30

Text SOS<space>UCT30 to 7676
1 day

Unlimited calls to SMART/TNT/SUN/PLDT
Unlimited texts to all networks
100MB Data

Text SOS<space>BIG7 and send to 7676
1 day

9 texts to Smart/TNT


Text SOS<space>BIG10 and send to 7676
1 day

10 texts to ALL NETWORKS + 3 texts to Smart/TNT

SURF10 (Mobile Internet)

Text SOS<space>SURF10
and send to 7676
1 hour
20 minutes browsing + P1 airtime
Dial *5623#, select Data then select FB5
6 hours

8 MB


Dial *5623#, select Data then select COC5
6 hours

8 MB

Dial *5623#, select Data then select WAZE5
6 hours

8 MB

Dial *5623#, select Data then select UBER5
6 hours

8 MB

Table was taken from Smart Communications.

In addition to that, Smart Bro customers can also avail of this promotion. They can enjoy up to 20 minutes of unlimited browsing for just P10.00.

T0 get this, you need to text BRO<space>SURF10 and send to 7676. Browsing will be valid for up to 20 minutes and an amount of P10.00 will be deducted from the account after. Now that’s what you call customer service!

With the utang load smart facility, you can have the freedom to enjoy and repay the services after you use it. How fantastic is that?

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Do you need credits or load? Are reloading stations unavailable right now? Don’t you have a way to have credits to continue your activities? Try the SOS Load Loan now and experience better!

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