How to Claim Your SMART Amazing Free Bonus

Here in the Philippines, we have main competitors for telecommunications. We know Globe, SMART, Talk N’ Text, and Touch Mobile. However, recently, there have been additions like Cherry Mobile and ABS-CBN, but they’re still part of the original telecommunications group. Recently, people have been trying a few different ways of getting freebies. Smart Communications, as a matter of fact, has a good freebie that you will love. Not only would it be extremely helpful in times of dire need, it’s also something that you can claim once every month. So, in this article, we will be guiding you on how you can claim your Smart Amazing Free Bonus so you can start enjoying it!

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Is there a certain SIM requirement in order for you to claim this reward?

Unfortunately, there’s no mention of that in any of SMART’s posts. It’s not even advertised! It’s a miracle that we and other people were able to find it.

Although we haven’t tried it for new SIM cards, we could assume that it would definitely work for people who have SIM cards who have been activated for at least thirty (30) days.

What do you need to type in to get the SMART Amazing Free Bonus?

I was a bit skeptical at first because I thought that it could possibly be another scam or another “clickbait” of people in order to get a ton of shares and likes on social media. I wanted to try it out myself and since I was a SMART subscriber, I gave it a try.

Fortunately, the SMS got to me after about two (2) minutes from when I typed the code in. By then, I knew that it was legitimate and that I can utilize it when I need to. The code that you have to type in is:


Yes, that is just the code that you need to type in. Once you hit on dial, it’ll tell you that you will receive a text message as a confirmation that you’ve claimed your bonus. Just wait for a minute or two and you’ll receive it.

Here is a snapshot of the message that you will receive:

Smart Free Load

Is this the only bonus available?

Good news is that, no. Free texts is not the only available freebie. There are others who got 100 MB of data and others who got calling.

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Therefore, it would really depend on the timing and on what SMART will be giving you.

Interested to claim your SMART amazing free bonus? Type in the special code and wait for the confirmation! The best part? It’s available once a month so you can really use it when you need to.

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