Google Station Brings Free Wi-Fi to the Philippines

Ever had the need to access the internet while you’re outside but don’t have any phone data plans? Well worry no more because Google will soon bring free Wi-Fi to the Philippines. Yes, you heard that right, Filipinos will now be able to enjoy the experience like other people in Singapore and other countries who […]

How to Claim Your SMART Amazing Free Bonus

Here in the Philippines, we have main competitors for telecommunications. We know Globe, SMART, Talk N’ Text, and Touch Mobile. However, recently, there have been additions like Cherry Mobile and ABS-CBN, but they’re still part of the original telecommunications group. Recently, people have been trying a few different ways of getting freebies. Smart Communications, as […]

List of Smart Home Boost Promos – 50, 100, 349 and 599 pesos

Smart offers consumable data promos limited to Smart Bro Prepaid LTE Home Wifi subscribers. This is known as the Smart Home Boost Promos. It’s something that gives bulk gigabytes of mobile data to Smart users and subscribers. Yes, it is a Wi-Fi source but it uses data so the speed and the availability will depend […]

Smart Internet Promo: Smart Bro SurfMax Plus 100 – Unli FB, Messenger, Instagram, Viber, etc.

Smart Communications, one of the more known telecommunications provider in the Philippines, has a lot of plans and promos in their arsenal. In addition to their mobile phone promotions for calling, texting, and for using data, they also have promotions for their Smart Bro users; both prepaid and postpaid. As a matter of fact, earlier […]

Philippine – Hong Kong Cables Cut Leading To Internet Issues

Every wondered why our internet connection is slower than the usual these past few days? Well of course, taking into consideration of what our country has. If not, then let me spill the beans to you because the connection between the Philippines and Hong Kong had a mishap which is causing the stability of our […]