Learn How You Can Avail Smart’s Free YouTube For All Promos

YouTube has been one of the main entertainment sources of Filipinos. This is why Smart Communications offered free YouTube for all promo back in July of this year. What this promo is is something we will be discussing with you later on in this article.

Smart's Free YouTube For All Promo
This image was taken from Smart Communications | smart.com.ph

With the #FreeYouTubeForAll promo, Smart Communications’ subscribers can enjoy up to an extra one (1) hour or up to 1 GigaByte (GB) of YouTube access daily. Let us discuss some of the factors involved in this.

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YouTube in terms of data

Most people are on-the-go, meaning, they’re not always in a spot where wi-fi is available. So, these people rely mostly on mobile data. However, using mobile data to be able to catch up on vlogs and different entertainment schemes on YouTube might be a lot.

Watching a five (5) minute YouTube video that is at 720p for instance, would consume about 75 to 80 MegaBytes (MBs) of data on average. Which basically translates to higher consumption in higher quality.

Smart Communications know the need of the people and that is why they’ve decided to unravel their newest YouTube for all promo.

What is the YouTube For All promo?

This might seem a little too good to be true—it is. In fact, whatever your prepaid promo is, you can subscribe to this promo for you to be able to have access to YouTube even while you’re on the go.

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As its name suggests, the YouTube for all promo is a promo that would allow 1 GB extra of YouTube data on top of your prepaid promo. Yes, whatever your prepaid promo is, you can add 1 GB of YouTube data to it.

For instance, if you have subscribed to the GIGA VIDEO 50, which gives you 1 GB of data in general, subscribing to the YouTube for all promo would give you 1 GB more for YouTube access!

How can I subscribe to this promo?

Subscribing to this promo is easy, and it can be done with just a few clicks. The best news is, this promo is available not just for Smart subscribers—Talk ‘N Text (TNT) and Sun Prepaid subscribers can avail of this promo too! Here’s how you can:

  1. Dial *123# to access the Smart menu. You would need to wait for the UMB code to be given the options;
  2. When it’s there, choose the CLAIM NOW! button by pressing 1;
  3. After doing so, you will be sent the successful SMS confirmation and there you have it! You can now start consuming the free 1 GB of data for YouTube access!

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Is YouTube the only program allowed in this promo?

Another good news is that users can also use this free access to watch their favorite shows on iWant, Cignal Play, NBA League Pass, and iflix. With Smart’s fast LTE connection in the whole country, all users and subscribers will be able to enjoy this promo.

Important reminders in using the #FreeYouTubeForAllPromo

There are just a couple of things you need to know prior to using the said promo. All Smart, TNT, and Sun Prepaid subscribers must know this to avoid experiencing problems:

  1. The 1 GB of video streaming is consumable and it can be within any given hour of the day.
  2. If you are subscribed to a data package, the YouTube data would be the one consumed first if you are using YouTube.
  3. In terms of expiry, the data expires everyday at midnight. The good news is, you will get another 1 GB (some sort of renewal) that you can consume within the day, too.
  4. You will receive a notification if you only have 50 MB remaining in your free allocation. Furthermore, you will also receive a notification/alert that you have fully consumed your free YouTube data.

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Senior Vice President and Head of Consumer Business Market development of PLDT-Smart Oscar Reyes Jr. said that based on their observation, Filipinos are very fond of YouTube. They are fully aware that millions and millions of our netizens are using it for various purposes and this is why they gave this promo to us.

Filipinos love YouTube and it has evolved to become more than just a platform. For many, it is an educational tool, an entertainment hub or a handy resource for life hacks. More and more Filipinos can pursue their passions anytime and anywhere through watching their favorite content on YouTube, now made easier with Smart’s Free YouTube For All.”

So if you are a Smart subscriber and a YouTube lover—this is what you all have been waiting for. Have access to YouTube for free at whatever promo you are registered in via the YouTube for all promo.

Need more information and details about this promo? Do you have any questions that remain unanswered and you want Smart themselves to answer it? If so, then you can visit Smart Communications’ website by clicking here.

Source/s: The Philippine Star | Smart Communications

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