Apple Reveals New iPhones to be Known to the Market by September 12

While the newest iPhone (iPhone X), will have its anniversary on November 5th, Apple unveils that they will allow the public to have a peak on new iPhones this September. Last Thursday, August 30th, Apple sent out invitations to their event on September 12 which people assumed to be when the revelations of the new iPhones will be.


Just like how Apple does it, they gave hints on what events will transpire in the said date. The event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater in Silicon Valley city of Cupertino, at the spaceship campus. The invitation struck the curious minds of Apple fans as it said “Gather Round” under a large golden circle.

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Every September of each year, Apple is known to introduce their newest products to their fans and to the public. This has been the yearly practice and this is why fans all over the world are assuming that “this would be it.”

New iPhones to be revealed

There are rumors that Apple will reveal three (3) new iPhones in the next few days. Some would have improved and more-advanced features than its predecessor, the iPhone X. In addition, they also said that the price tag of these new models might exceed the iPhone X’s, leaving customers and fans shocked with the price and what it can do.

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Last month, Samsung unveiled their newest top-of-the-line flagship phone which is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Apple’s reveal would be a month later than that of Samsung and could be a strategic move against their toughest competitor.

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Would there really be new iPhones coming out soon? What can iPhone fans make out of this? Apple is teasing its fans and followers and they are hinting that this will be the “next big thing.”

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Stay tuned for updates and for news regarding Apple’s event on September 12, 2018.

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