Poland is Currently Looking for OFWs to Work for their Country

Poland, one of the more famous countries in Europe, is just a dream for many Filipinos. From substantially higher-paying salaries, a more peaceful environment, and definitely better traffic. Kidding aside, the country is trying to put up an agreement with our country. This is for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) to work in their country without any problems.

As per Stanislaw Szwed, Poland’s deputy minister, their target for the agreement is in September of this year.

Why are they looking for foreign workers?

Currently, Poland’s workforce shortage is due to their nationals leaving for other European countries. Their natives or citizens choose to go elsewhere in Europe, even in some other parts of the world for a job. In this case, they would really need to get workers from foreign countries. Their target? The Philippines.

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Workers of which industries or sectors do they require?

For specifics, they’re currently looking to hire workers who are skilled in the Information Technology (IT) industry.  In addition to that, they also need people from the medical and construction fields. Although based on the observation and trend done by World Bank, Poland’s economy is on a complete rise for the past 26 years. This 2018, they’re expecting for their economic growth to reach 4.2 percent. It’s a lose for them compared to their growth last year which was 4.6 percent. This is a clear indication that they’re not anywhere close to their end the previous year.

As per analytical projections, by 2030, Poland will be short by at least four (4) million workers. A huge chunk from their economic growth and diversity. This is the reason why they’re striving to invite millions of foreign workers to their country now; to somehow ease up the hole that it’s going to make in the next few years.

Hiring Filipino workers

Other than the fact that we are known to be good-quality workers worldwide, the deputy minister also said that Poland and the Philippines have better relationships because of the fact that they’re both Roman Catholic countries.

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Right now, they’re trying to patch up the whole by asking aid from their neighboring country, Ukraine, for workers and for manpower.

Other than Poland, Japan is also on the hunt for foreign workers to their country. Due to their aging population, they really can’t rely on nationals anymore. Japan is looking for workers in many different sectors including business management and education.

As of October of last year, over 1.28 million foreign workers are actively working in Japan. Our country holds third place while China is the dominant force in their country; Vietnam being second, and Brazil being the fourth.

If you’re an OFW who is currently looking for a job, what are you waiting for? Both Japan and Poland are in dire need of foreign workers so don’t throw the opportunity away.

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  1. Poland Laki hinihingi ng agency 250 to 300k.30k salary accommodation nyo kyo magbayad ng kuryente at tubig,wifi..edi wow kaya ang dami natakas na pinoy.un iba pagdating ng poland dinadala sa denmark pagdating don tulalà wala work..


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