P53 Million Grand Lotto Jackpot Won by a Single Person

Recently, thousands of Filipinos are hoping to get the grand prize of the UltraLotto 6/58 because it reached the P700 million threshold. However, not a lot of Filipinos barely even notice the Grand Lotto 6/55 because the grand prize is at P53 million only. Breaking news is that ONE SINGLE WINNER took home the P53 million Grand Lotto jackpot during the draw last night.


Last night, Wednesday, was the draw for the Grand Lotto 6/55 and thousands of hopefuls waited to see if they’re going to be part of the lucky ones who will be bringing the P53 million Grand Lotto jackpot home. An anonymous lucky winner, who is probably head over heels by now, was able to hit the jackpot out of a million combinations. Now that’s what you would call pure luck.

What was the winning combination for the P53 million Grand Lotto jackpot?

The winning combination on last night’s draw was:


According to the PCSO, this lucky person should remain anonymous for safety and confidentiality purposes. It’s currently all over the news because this person deserves an applause! Also, to share with you what the winning combination is on other draws that were announced last night:

  • Megalotto 6/45: 20-29-28-26-35-01
  • Grand Lotto 6/55: 34-09-28-24-19-42
  • 4Digit: 4-0-6-7
  • Suertres Lotto 11 A.M.: 8-9-9
  • EZ Lotto 11 A.M.: 16-27
  • Suertres Lotto 4 P.M.: 5-1-8
  • EZ Lotto 4 P.M.: 20-02
  • Suertres Lotto 9 P.M.: 4-6-3
  • EZ Lotto 9 P.M.: 12-14

The jackpot prizes of these draws were:

  • Megalotto 6/45: 27,254,910.00
  • EZ Lotto: 4, 500.00
  • Suertres Lotto: 4, 500.00
  • Grand Lotto 6/55: 53,449,633.00

Only one winner took home the P53 million Grand Lotto jackpot. How lucky could that person be?

In the following days, there’ll be more draws; that simply means that there are more chances of winning! Hey, don’t lose hope, the UltraLotto 6/58 hasn’t been won by anyone yet. If one person would take that home, then that person truly is lucky. Imagine taking home a jackpot of P700 million; how bad could that be?

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