Philippine Malls are Now Disallowing “Standing Reservations” in Parking Areas

Do you ever cringe on people who reserve parking spots by standing on the slot? Have you ever experienced a time when you’re finding a parking space and then another person from another car steps down from the car to reserve the spot for them? Although it may seem wise and witty, that’s actually not allowed. Fortunately, standing reservations in mall parking areas are currently being prohibited in some major malls in the country.

Videos of people arguing about this have been circulating the Internet and the netizens are going crazy about it. Whether if the parking spot is in a mall, a restaurant, any business establishment parking space, even in an open area, you can’t stand on the spot to reserve it for yourself of for your company.

Other than the fact that it’s unethical, it’s inconsiderate, lazy, and just plain rude. It’s a practice by some in which everybody frowns upon. Unfortunately, it’s not a crime so people won’t actually care to not do it because of that. No one will stop you if you want to look desperate and unethical. However, different malls and establishments are starting to put up signs about standing reservations in parking spots.

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One example would be SM City Iloilo. In their parking area, there’s a huge sign that reminds people who will be parking to not indulge in the habit of doing standing reservations.

The sign reads: 

Reminder: For safety reasons, standing on a parking slot to reserve is not allowed. Parking spaces are on a first-come-first-serve basis.”

People who would be caught will be penalized by the management of the malls. Moreover, this is a good way to somehow tame head-headed drivers who cannot abide to the rules and just be fair to everyone.

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What do you think about standing reservations? Do you think that these signs can control the attitude and discipline of drivers?

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