PITX to Makati, Free P2P Bus Rides Until Wednesday

After the hype of the PITX discussion, it will now start its operations. Premium Point-to-Point (P2P) buses are going to give free rides from the Paranaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) to Makati’s Central Business District (CBD) until Wednesday of this week.

People coming from the South can take advantage of the free bus ride from 5:30 A.M. from the 12th of November until the 14th of November (Wednesday). According to PITX’s Facebook page, a bus will be departing every hour.

The PITX just opened last Saturday and is now going to have a dry run to try out its features. In a previous article, it was discussed that this newly-opened establishment will be like or better than an airport, complete with a lot of features, functions, and amenities to distract passengers of the long-travel ahead of them.

What routes does the PITX take?

To provide some sort of a refresher, the PITX will serve as the terminal between provincial buses from Cavite and Batangas, and city public transport. This means that we can expect a hassle-free ride without the worry of not being able to board a bus with hundreds of other passengers battling for space.

So, hopefully, people would see these as a positive impact and as a comfortable way of traveling. Although these free P2P bus rides are just temporary, it’s one way of showing our countrymen of the advancements that are currently happening in the country.

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Do you think that the PITX would soon be deemed as the country’s best interchange terminal? Would other terminals and large corporations follow and develop projects like this for the betterment of the transport-industry of our country?

If you’re a usual traveler from the South, why not give these free P2P bus rides a try? Why not indulge in a new way of traveling here in our country? Stay tuned and have a glimpse of the new and innovative way of commuting here in our country!

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