77 Choke Points, Identified by the MMDA

The Philippines is known to be a country where traffic is always present. Whether it’s a major highway or not, cars are going to be present. There have been many different laws to somehow ease the traffic condition of our country but none of those seem to really resolve the traffic problem. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) also takes part in trying for a resolution to solve the traffic. Recently, they were able to successfully identify 77 choke points or places where it’s most likely congested by vehicles.

MMDA spokesperson Assistant Secretary Celine Pialago said that these choke points are usually the areas where there are complex movement like intersections and U-turns.

Ito ‘yung mga areas kung saan may U-turns, left turns, right turns, mga intersection, mga areas kung saan may school zones, merging traffic, mga nag-split ang traffic.”

Not just that, Pialago also said that one reason that makes these major roads congested is the fact that secondary and tertiary roads are busy. Cars are parked along the sides of the roads, ongoing construction sites and operations, and road-widening projects along secondary roads.

“‘Yung volume ng mga sasakyan ‘yan ang bagay na wala tayong magagawa because ang ating mga kababayan ay may kakayanang bumili at may karapatang bumili ng sasakyan.”

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So, by what Pialago said, we can therefore identify that because of the overflow of vehicles circulating our roads every single day, we have no control over traffic.

So what can be done?                            

A lot of laws are currently being drafted to ease the traffic but no one seems to be able to read that one main reason why roads are congested is because of people purchasing cars without parking lots.

As you may have noticed, a lot of secondary, tertiary, and alternative roads are not an option for travel because of the fact that it’s packed, it’s jammed, and it’s narrow. The cause? Parked cars along sidewalks. Only if the government imposes a “no car no garage rule,” we will be able to notice changes in traffic on a positive note.

Since they were able to identify these 77 choke points, hopefully, there are things that can be done to improve the traffic condition of Metro Manila.

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