Road Etiquette and Safety Education to be Included in the K to 12 Curriculum

The Philippines, where it’s dubbed that if you drive in its roads, you will be a master driver. Because of the simple fact that most of the drivers in the country are reckless and most are uneducated, will most likely be a pain in the neck if you dare to roam the streets at any […]

The Best Times to Drive this Holiday, Waze

Waze has been one of the most useful utility tools Filipino drivers have been using for them to escape the traffic our country has to offer. It’s also waze who named the Philippines, Metro Manila, in particular, the city who has the worst traffic. With over 104.9 million people living in the archipelago where 47 […]

Better and Faster Way of Going From Antipolo to the Airport?

People from the East seldom experience the hassle of Metro Manila traffic. As a matter of fact, they settle to live and work in the area to avoid it. Why? Because based on 2015 Global Satisfaction done by Waze, Metro Manila is known to have the “worst traffic on Earth.” This is one reason why people try […]

77 Choke Points, Identified by the MMDA

The Philippines is known to be a country where traffic is always present. Whether it’s a major highway or not, cars are going to be present. There have been many different laws to somehow ease the traffic condition of our country but none of those seem to really resolve the traffic problem. The Metro Manila […]

The Basic Road Markings In the Philippines And What Each One Signifies

Most Filipino drivers acquire their driving skills from either a family member or a friend. This is the reason why new drivers, even those experienced have a hard time reading and understanding common road markings. The thing about this is every driver needs to master it. Anyone who went through driving school probably gained knowledge […]