Some Roads in Makati Will be Closed for the Holy Week

The Holy Week is something that a lot of Filipinos look forward to. Other than the fact that most of work and classes are suspended, it’s also the time of the year when people visit their friends and loved ones who passed. So, a lot of changes are going to happen in the next week, if you’re not aware. One of which is that the MRT-3 line will be closed but that’s not because of the holy week, it’s because of the scheduled maintenance that they’ve set because they anticipate that there’s not a lot of people using it.

Road Close during Holiday
This image was taken from West Lothian Council from Philippine Politics |

In this regard, the local government of Makati City sent an advisory out that some roads will be closed and so, they will be rerouting traffic starting April 14th 2019 at 10:00 P.M. until the 21st of April 2019 at 10:00 P.M.

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NOTE: This will run for the whole Holy Week so passengers, drivers, and commuters must be prepared. All roads will be observed and stood on by a traffic officer so there will be no exceptions starting today, Monday, the 15th of April 2019.

What streets/roads will be closed?

  • Enriquez street (starting from Don Pedro street to Fermina street);
  • General Luna street (from P. Burgos street to Mercado street);
  • Don Pedro street (from Gabaldon street to Manalac street);
  • San Marcos street (from Pagulayan street to P. Burgos street);
  • Guanzon street (from P. Burgos street to Makati Avenue);
  • San Juan street (from Pagulayan street to P. Burgos street);
  • Agno street (from D.M. Rivera street to P. Gomez street);
  • Ilaya street (starting from A. Mabini street to J.P. Rizal street);
  • San  Mateo street (from D.M. Rivera street to P. Gomez street);
  • Dona Epifania street from (A. Mabini street to Agno street)
  • Gomez street (Hagdang Bato whole block closed)
  • Albert street (Villena street to Palma street)
  • Quintos street (starting from Santiago street to Singian street)
  • Gomez street (from J.P. Rizal street to Zamora street)
  • Molina street (from Quintos street to Singian street)
  • San Agustin street (starting from P. Burgos street to P. Gomez street)
  • Bagong Diwa street (from M.L. Quezon street to Pertierra street)
  • Osmeña street (from M.L. Quezon street to Bridge Service Road/P. Burgos street);
  • Aurora extension street (from Pertierra street to Ma. Aurora street);
  • Zenaida street (from E. Zobel street to F. Zobel street)
  • Don Pedro street (starting from A. Mabini street to Villena street).

Traffic enforcers will be roaming and deployed around these areas. The normal flow of traffic will be resuming on-the-dot, 6:00 A.M., the 22nd of April 2019.

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In addition, a two-way traffic will be implemented at the stretch of J.P. Rizal street coming from Pasong Tirad to Makati avenue from 6:00 A.M. of the 14th of April 2019, Palm Sunday to 10:00 P.M. of Easter Sunday, the 21st of April 2019.

Makati city government advisories:

Road Close during Holy week holiday
This image was taken from GMA Network | | Some streets and roads in Makati to be closed this Holy Week

As per the local city government of Makati City, motorists should use the following alternative routes during the processions which are set on the 17th of April 2019 from 5:00 P.M. until 11:00 P.M.

For vehicles en route to Westside Makati, Manila, or The Circuit (coming from Guadalupe are or Westbound Makati)

From J.P. Rizal street, light vehicles need to go left to Estrella street, then turn right to Rockwell drive, right to Kalayaan Avenue (District 1), then, turn left to Makati Avenue. After, proceed in making a right turn to Jupiter street or Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, then right to N. Garcia street (Reposo street). Turn left to J.P. Rizal avenue and follow the common and normal route to the destination.

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Concurrently, from J.P. Rizal street, jeepneys, small trucks, and other public utility vehicles (PUVs) should turn left to Estrella street, right to EDSA, right to Senator Gil Puyat Ave, then cross to Paseo intersection and Makati ave. intersection. After, proceed in making a right turn to N. Garcia street (Reposo street) and left to J.P. Rizal ave and follow the common and normal route to the destination.

For vehicles en route to Guadalupe/EDSA/Pateros (coming from eastbound Makati or Delpan area)

From J.P. Rizal ave, go straight to Kalayaan avenue and right turn to N. Garcia street. Then, make a left to Senator Gil Puyat ave, then cross Makati ave intersection and Paseo de Roxas ave intersection. Afterwards, take a right to EDSA (if destination is Mandaluyong city or Quezon city); Buendia flyover, however, for motorists who will be going to Pasay city.

For vehicles en route to Mandaluyong city through Makati-Mandaluyong bridge (coming from Northbound Makati or Makati Central Business District (CBD/Ayala))

Travel over Ayala Avenue to South Avenue then proceeding to make a right to Kalayaan Ave. Then, a left to turn to Pililia street then, a right turn to J.P. Rizal; make a left turn at Makati Avenue and J.P. Rizal extension to the Makati-Mandaluyong bridge. Alternatively, motorists can travel through the Ayala-EDSA flyover or the Buendia-EDSA flyover in Sen. Gil Puyat ave to Mandaluyong city.

For vehicles en route to Makati Central Business District (CBD/Ayala) (coming from Mandaluyong city via Makati-Mandaluyong bridge).

From Makati-Mandaluyong bridge, take right to J.P. Rizal ave, then, turn left to Zapote street and left again to kamagong street. Afterward, turn a right to Ayala avenue extension and cross Ayala avenue or Sen. Gil Puyat avenue intersection to the destination.

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So, if you are a frequent traveler to and fro Makati City, you might want to read through this for you to avoid traffic and the hassle of circling back to where you were a few minutes after the traffic lights hit green.

If you are a motorist, I suggest that you read through this, too because even though the space in which a motorcycle can maneuver is smaller than a regular car or vehicle, officers are not spaces and you might be warranted when you get caught even if you don’t know.

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In addition to that, drivers, riders, and commutes also need to anticipate the traffic this week on the major toll ways. This is to come through the Lenten break. SMC Tollways said that additional traffic patrol teams and tellers will be fully deployed this week because the projected vehicle volume is seen to increase by ten (10) percent in this season.

NOTE: All road works are to be suspended; temporary toll booth collections are going to be added plus field personnel will be required to be on standby.


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