First Filipino-Made Train to Operate Soon

Our country’s public transportation system, in comparison to other Southeast Asian countries, kind of belongs to a lower grade because of the unruly traffic and unsystematic way of transportation. Although we have our own national railway systems, our means of transport were always dependent on the technology of foreign countries.

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When we speak of trains, our country is the least when it comes to it if compared to other countries in our region. Countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, and Malaysia are among the nations which have dealt a good amount of investment in their transportation system – specifically trains.

The Philippine National Railways will officially use the first-ever Philippine-made train developed by the…

Posted by DOST-Science and Technology Information Institute on Monday, January 21, 2019

The government made a series of tests and decided to have the first-ever Filipino-made train. Their decision is to utilize this starting the 1st of March, 2019.

Who will design the first Filipino-made train?

Since it’s going to be made by our very own nation, no exports of materials are going to be done. The Department of Science and Technology (DoST) is the branch of the government tasked to design and develop the train.

Important features of the train:

  • The train is expected to run at a speed of at least fifty (50) kilometers per hour;
  • Designed to be able to accommodate at least 220 passengers at once;
  • This specific Filipino-made train is assigned to service passengers who are coming from Alabang to Tutuban and vice versa; and
  • This hybrid Filipino-made train runs on both lithium batteries as well as diesel so it’s a guarantee that it is energy-efficient and that it releases less carbon.

As per the DoST, the project would have to go through a series of assessments. More so, they would have to be duly checked by the department before they willingly deploy it.

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Last July of year 2018, the DoST ran a test or a demo and willingly offered free rides going to Dela Rosa stations from EDSA via the Philippine National Railways (PNR).

Hopefully, the PNR gets finally resolved so that the train system that our country has improves.

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