Work as a Housekeeper in Japan and Earn up to P70,000 per Month!

Japan is among few of the selected southeast Asian countries who try looking for workers abroad. This move does not actually pertain to them not having enough trust with their natives, it’s just because they see and know that hiring foreign workers will cost less than hiring Japanese natives.

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Why do they want to hire Filipinos?

Other than the fact than they’re cheap, we Filipinos had a trademark of having excellent work ethics and that is seen by a lot of countries because they choose Filipinos over a number of different people from different countries and races.

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However, the salary that Japan is offering to foreign workers is the same salary that they offer to native workers. A total of 168,000 Yen or around P70-P80,000 pesos ($1500) is the salary that a foreign worker can expect out of being a household keeper in Japan.

How does this job differ from other countries housekeepers?

PASONA Group Inc., one of the leading companies in charge of Japanese employment and staffing, says that unlike domestic helper jobs (DH) in Hong Kong and in other countries, in Japan, you would have to undergo intensive and serious training. The usual turnaround time of the training spans a total of two (2) months.

More so, while on training, they will also be taught basic Japanese (Nihongo) and the culture that traditional Japanese has.

The training is exciting because trainees will have a chance to learn the traditional Japanese culture while training for the job they will have. The setting of the training would be of a traditional Japanese household.

Who’s in charge of this employment here in the country?

PASONA Group Inc., is the company in charge of the placement of foreign workers in Japan. Together with the Magsaysay Group of Companies, they plan on executing this successfully for our countrymen to have efficient jobs out the country.

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Doris Magsaysay Ho, President and CEO of Magsaysay Group of Companies, emphasizes that the deal they had with PASONA is quite interesting. She says that cleaning the bathroom and other rooms is easy, the training is more on learning traditional Japanese culture and how to interact with natives properly.

To clean the bathroom that’s easy to learn but it’s more on the cultural aspect of how you, how to be polite, how you work together with the customer.”

Doris Magsaysay Ho explains how the training is going to be

More so, PASONA explains that housekeepers won’t be stay-in; the housekeepers will have an apartment where all of them is going to reside there. Every day, the chances of them being under a different employer is high. Furthermore, they explain that the number of hours that an employee will work for a day is just eight (8) hours.

Scott Sato, President and COO of PASONA Group Inc., explains that the apartment will have multiple bedrooms with bathrooms that will be enough and efficient to accommodate the housekeepers that will live there.

Three (3), two (2) bedrooms, and then a shared living room and a shared kitchen. I think that we’ll pride them with also an iPhone.”

Scott Sato emphasizes on what the employees can get if they push in being a housekeeper in Japan.

Sato also explains that they will have days off every week and that they won’t be burnt out working.

Madel, one of the people ABS-CBN interviewed, shared her experiences while she worked as a domestic helper in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Now, she’s one of the first few people part of the first (1st) batch of professional housekeepers in Japan.

According to her, she is feeling mixed emotions of excitement and happiness about the job she is about to take because it’s her first time in Japan and she’s interested in working with the interesting weather there.

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What if I can’t reach the hiring of the first (1st) batch? Are there subsequent batches?

Definitely, yes. PASONA Group Inc. announced that they are now open in hiring more housekeepers for their second batch. In addition to that, they said that they will need around 1,000 more housekeepers in the next three (3) years.

If you are interested, you can check the availability of the job in the Magsaysay Group of Companies website at

Important reminders from PASONA Group Inc. and Magsaysay Group of Companies:

One of the things that they strictly emphasized on is that this won’t require potential applicants of a placement fee. So, if you are asked a placement fee, chances are that what you are dealing with is just a scam. Training and language processes is free; you just have to be hardworking and open to the knowledge you are about to have.

Another thing that they want to remind everyone is that learning Nihongo or the Japanese language is neither easy nor difficult. You just have to be determined and open-minded about the path you are about to take.

Japan is part of the few countries who offer a lot of opportunities not just for jobs for Filipinos, but also for different aspects.

If you’re unaware of what happened, last year, Kuwait, one of the countries where hundreds of thousands of Filipinos work in, had some issues with our country because of an incident that occurred.

However, a few months after, Former Affairs Secretary Allan Peter Cayetano, went to Kuwait together with a few members of our cabinet and straightened the issue out. When they came back, they declared that the issue has been lifted and that Kuwait was then open for employment from the Philippines again.

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What are you waiting for? Check the availability of the job now through the Magsaysay Group of Companies website. Other than Japan, you can check more on our website to see which countries are open in hiring Filipino migrant workers this year!

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