Angkas Bikers, to be Arrested as per the LTFRB

Angkas has been one of the many options of Filipinos for public transportation. Because of the weaving heavy traffic experienced in major parts of the country, a motorcycle ride is one way to avoid that. This is one of the few reasons why habal-habal is a popular ride for many people in provinces in the East and in the Metro. If you’ve been living under a rock, habal-habal is the illegal Angkas where motorcycle riders offer rides to commuters for a very cheap amount.

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However, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) recently ordered law enforcers to arrest Angkas bikers and to possibly impound their vehicles if they disregard the order. Meaning, the jobs of thousands of rider-partners are at risk of being apprehended and being seized. This time around, they’re doing it even if Angkas TNC has business permits and allowances.

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Wasn’t Angkas previously prohibited by the government?

Yes, last November 2017, the LTFRB ordered the shut down of Angkas operations due to the fact that they’ve been operating without a proper and an appropriate business permit.

However, in September of this year, Angkas announced that they’re back up and running and with a business permit.

Why are they being shut down this time around?

This time, though, they’re being shut down again due to the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) issued by the Supreme Court (SC) during the Mandaluyong court decision. Since the resolution commanded the immediate implementation of the resolution of the Supreme Court, law enforcers can immediately be arrested on the 12th of December, 2018, Wednesday night.

In an August 20 order of the Mandaluyong City Regional Trial Court, a preliminary directive to Angkas is to prevent the government from prohibiting its operations. However, the LTFRB appealed this.

Now, therefore, effective immediately and continuing until further orders from this court, You [LTFRB], the respondent [Angkas], the Presiding Judge, Regional Trial Court Brach 213 Mandaluyong City, your representatives, all other persons acting on your behalf are hereby RESTRAINED from implementing the assailed RTC order dated August 20 2018 in Civil Case No. R-MND-18-01453-SC,” the dispositive portion of the SC order said. *excerpt taken from

What can happen to existing Angkas biker-partners when they get caught operating?

Since the High Court favored them, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) said that the LTFRB will issue a command to sheriffs to seize and arrest Angkas drivers ignoring the order. Moreover, they’ll also issue another order for Angkas to halt their operations.

Last year, they got caught up because of the legalities of their operations. Now, the government is trying to tell everyone that riding on motorcycles is something that is considered unsasfe. They’re concerned with the safety of the passengers boarding motorcycles because of recent and dominating news over Habal-habals.

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Since that’s the case, Angkas told everyone of the safety that their services are offering. Angkas TNC (Transport Network Company) said that the Supreme Court’s TRO comes when there is worsening holiday traffic.

This TRO also puts the livelihood of 25, 000 biker-partners at risk – a few days before Christmas, when their families need it the most.”

The team is hoping that the Supreme Court will take the side of the commuters themselves in choosing the decision whether or not they’ll restrain Angkas operations.

In addition to that, they also posted on their twitter account a promo that can be used by riders.

We offer our safety record of 99.997% as a POTENTIAL model for responsible traffic safety nationwide. We will continue our fight to serve commuters in a safe and efficient manner, as well as legitimizing our riders.”

The reaction of commuters

Since the announcement of the TRO, a lot of people have been saddened by the news and, of course, because they’ll now have to deal with the Philippine hassle of commuting.

Not only that, they’ll also need to swallow up the heavy traffic our country is known for. Without Angkas, there’s no easier, faster, and more efficient means of transportation.

One concerned commuter said that Angkas is her only way of transportation that saves her time, money, and effort. She said that since Angkas started back up, she started using it again and because of that, she’s saving an approximately P100 per day.

What are your thoughts of the stoppage of Angkas operations? Although this is the case, Angkas is giving promos to their users because of the hassle and the occurrences but that won’t be enough if this specific order is permanent. Everyone hopes that this is just a temporary act so that passengers can enjoy the hassle-free public transport that our country specially has!

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