5,000 Slots For Ride-Hailing Applicants and How People Can Register For a TNVS New CPC Application

Due to the recent news by the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), a total of 5,000 slots will be opened for the TNVS service this month. So, if you plan on becoming a part of the industry, this might be your chance.

TNVS new Application For Ride-Hailing Apps
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There was a meeting held and last week which was between some representatives from Transport Network Companies (TNCs) and LTFRB officials.

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As per the LTFRB, these TNCs that would be provided extra slots for the TNVS include GoLag, Hype, OWTO, Grab, UHop, MiCab, and Aztech. 

Here in the Philippines, you cannot just have a car and use it for public driving—and earn income. You need to register it with appropriate departments for you to be able to do it legally. The Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) is the agency who validates and monitors the approval of these types of vehicles.

But how can you register for a new TNVS new CPC application? What requirements are there? And how much are the fees? Don’t worry because in this article, we will be guiding you on how you can register and be part of the list to be able to operate with your vehicle.

In the meeting between TNC representatives and the LTFRB, the agency said that they would be pushing to process up to a total of 1,000 TNVS new CPC franchise applications on a daily basis.

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However, they made clarifications that these processes would only be for verification and for the Temporary Authority stamping—not the overall process on the registration and the application for the TNVS.

Are there qualifications for a specific person and his/her vehicle to be eligible for this application?

TNVS companies who operate in the Philippines would accept and approve your application if the following conditions are met:

  1. If you have a car
  2. A valid permit from the LTFRB to operate as either an operator or a driver.
  3. If you are included in the LTFRB’s master list that has been audited

Once you meet all of these conditions, you can apply and register for a TNVS new CPC application. Here’s what you have to do:

NOTE: The application for TNVS is open for Metro Manila only. If this is the case, then you can proceed with the registration.

  1. Access the LTFRB link -> http://ltfrb.gov.ph/tnvs/ (as of today, the LTFRB said that 5,000 slots are open; check this site every now and then so that you know whether or not accepting applications)
  2. Duly accomplish the sign-up or the registration form
  3. Follow the steps that will be given to you by the system; it’s automatic
  4. A confirmation email will then be sent for your registration. It will be followed by you being given the appropriate appointment date that you should follow
  5. Print the confirmation email and be sure to bring it with you on your appointment date
  6. The application form you duly filled out should be notarized. The LTFRB might not accept it if it’s not.
  7. No proxies—the applicant should be the one present during the appointment date.
  8. Applicants must proceed to the main LTFRB office at:

LTFRB Central Office
East Avenue,
Quezon City

How about registration for a new CPC?

TNVS new applications
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As we mentioned above, there are two (2) types of authentic licenses from the LTFRB that potential TNVS applicants need to abide to. The PA which is the Provisional Authority and the CPC which is the license that is valid for two (2) years.

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Of course, applicants would want to register for a CPC so that they won’t go through the hassle of going back and forth to the LTFRB office. So, here is how you can register for a TNVS new CPC.

TNVS Requirements for a new CPC

Here are the initial requirements upon filing for a TNVS application:

  1. Proof of Filipino Citizenship; it could be any of the following:
    • Valid Philippine Passport
    • Voter’s ID
    • Marriage Certificate
    • PSA-Verified and Authenticated Birth Certificate
  2. Four (4) copies of a Verified Application alleging proof of citizenship and financial capacity. This should include annexes and Verification and Certification of Non-Forum Shopping
  3. Land Transportation Office (LTO) Official Receipt (OR)/Certificate of Registration (CR) of the authorized unit/s with the year and model plus the name of the applicant
  4. Government Issued ID with photo
  5. Operator’s Data Sheet (ODS) with complete details; valid driver’s license/s of authorized driver/s (latest picture too).

NOTE: In presenting the OR/CR, hatchback vehicles would not be allowed.

Additional requirements that need to be submitted during the hearing

The requirements above are the initial requirements that aspiring TNVS New CPC Application applicants need to submit. There are other requirements that need to be submitted for the hearing and the finalization of the grant of the CPC permit.

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Of course, before preparing these, ask LTFRB officials what else you need to submit. These can save you from constant trips to the LTFRB office.

Martin Delgra III, LTFRB Chairman, said that the implementation of this Task Force Backlog are already done in scheduling for hearings as regards applications.

He added that the agency added more people to hasten the TNVS application processing. Moreover, the LTFRB said that representatives from these TNC partners are currently giving aid to those who are applying.

TNC representatives suggested assisting its partners in preparing and securing supporting documents for their applications but the Board preferred that TNVS operators submit and go through the application process themselves.”

So are you often in Metro Manila? Do you need or want to give ride-hailing applications a try for a source of income? Well, the LTFRB just opened 5,000 more TNVS slots for the use of those who are interested in becoming a businessman in the transport industry.

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We also gave you some of the best tips we can gather on how you can apply for a TNVS new CPC application so that you won’t be lost should you find interest in doing and in trying the transportation business in the country.

Note that the TNVS applications runs in the nation and not just in the Metro since GoLag, a ride-hailing service, actually situates in Laguna.

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of this opportunity now and make money while traveling or follow the business of your dreams!

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