Pac Pay to be Launched in 2021

We and all our fathers know him – he’s the best boxer that has ever roamed the country. Amassing multiple belts and championships; he also takes the seat of one of the country’s lawmakers; he’s none other than Senator Manny Pacquiao.

Pac Pay to Launch Next Year (2021)
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From his bouts within the boxing ring, he took on a lot of businesses. Not only that, he also entered the country’s politics; surprising everyone with the fact that he does not only have game when it comes to boxing, but in creating and in drafting up laws, too.

That being said, we know how talented our Senator is.

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Just about the end of the year, Manny “The Pacman” Pacquiao made announcements on one of his upcoming and surprising businesses – Pac Pay.

Venturing Into the World of Financial Technology

After all the achievements he has done for himself and for the country, he now ventures into the world of Financial Technology (FinTech) through his newest and most advanced business yet.

“Pac Pay,” as how we wanted to call it, is a FinTech platform that is said to allow people to transact. According to the boxer, his company will target Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), providing easier, better, and more convenient accesses with each other.

The PacPay ecosystem is designed to support Filipinos who are in need. As users transact via PacPay part of our proceeds support charity projects in the Philippines.”

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With the help of Remsea, a FinTech firm that is Singapore-licensed and based FinTech firm, Pac Pay came to life. Senator Manny Pacquiao’s Pac Technologies company is the firm that is set to launch Pac Pay next year.

Yes, Pac Pay will be launching next year – approximately during the first (1st) or the second (2nd) quarter of next year (based on some sources).

Pac Pay’s Unique Rewards and Programs

Apart from the services it’ll be providing, Senator Pacquiao also said that they’ll give unique programs and rewards to its users.

There’ll be a wide array of freebies available, from merchandise, tickets, and other perks.

We will also offer a unique rewards program where users will receive explosive perks, autographed merchandise and even tickets.”

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The Senator’s Inspiration For “Pac Pay”

While the pandemic caused the wide majority of businesses to cease, this didn’t stop the Senator from finding ways on how he can help his countrymen.

According to Pacquiao, he and his team was able to see the opportunities that lay ahead, amidst the pandemic. Moreover, he said that the COVID-19 pandemic was one of the biggest inspirations he had upon building Pac Pay.

Amid this pandemic, we have seen an incredible opportunity to adopt digital technology, including global digital payments. We entered the regional market with the intention of helping our businessmen grow. This will be beneficial to MSMEs and Pinoy customers.”

You might be thinking, what benefits can you get in using Pac Pay? If you compare it to other online transaction platforms, why choose to go with Pac Pay?

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Apart from the fact that it’s Filipino-owned, it might be helpful if you think about the bonuses. No, or only a few online payment platforms offer some types of incentives for using their platform – think of PayPal for an instance.

Do you get any reward? GCash – while it’s something you can use, some OFWs might find it difficult – even impossible to use because you need a PH phone number.

Pac Pay and Other Ventures of Our Senator

If you thought Pac Pay is the only thing our Senator is busy about, think again.

Before Pac Pay, Senator Manny Pacquiao also released his own cryptocurrency, Pac Coin. In case you haven’t heard of it yet, our dear Senator made the launch back in the first week of September, 2019.

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It’s a cryptocurrency that has been in trade and en route since last year.

Back when one of the biggest typhoons in the country hit this year, Senator Pacquiao promised to donate all of his earnings and talent fees to typhoon victims. He said this amidst the deal or the contract he had with Globe Telecom; it was a deal about providing them streaming rights to all his boxing matches in the future.

What do you think about Pac Pay as well as the other plans of our dearest Senator? Can this really help and aid in the development of transactions to and fro the country? Furthermore, would it really serve its purpose to assist our countrymen inside and outside the Philippines?

Source/s: Esquire Mag PH | ReportR World

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