Here are the 10 Dream Stealers you should Avoid 

We’ve all been to childhood. How we dreamed of becoming a doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer, architect, police, pilot and etc. These aspirations were one of the reasons why we go to high school and patiently sit in the classroom until our butts sore. As we mature, our perceptions start to crumble and like pieces of Lego, it needs to be built once more. 

There are several reasons why we can no longer have the same outlook when we are in grade school, because, as we get older, we understand the intricacy of abstract matters. These pull us into having many what-ifs in life. These are what you call dream stealers, and in this article, I am going to share with you the 10 dream stealers that are presumably eating your sanity. 

1.Negative Attitude 

Who do you think is the first antagonist in your life? If you think, it’s yourself, then, you are definitely right. Sometimes, our negative attitude gets ahead of ourself, because of this, we question our purpose and the things around us. As they say, what you sow is what you reap. If you want to start a business, for instance, you have to correct your mindset beforehand, because where your mind goes, the man follows. 


We all have our own fear in life. Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, or fear of what other people might say, but remember, fear is a normal part of life. It’s okay to be afraid but it’s important for you to contemplate these questions; What are you afraid of? Are you willing to face your fears? Are you willing to move forward? If you don’t, fear will steal your dream, because you cannot march ahead if you are living in fear. 


We are all guilty of procrastinating. Procrastination is simply delaying a task you are supposedly doing in an earlier manner. In life, we are delaying our step because we think we are not yet ready but in fact nobody is perfect so don’t try to be one. Note that the goal in life is not to attain perfection but the goal in life is to be able to go through progression. 

4.Not having goals 

If you have no goals, you have no direction, if you have no direction, you have no purpose in life, if you have no purpose, you have no meaning in life. Having a goal is like a driving force. A car without fuel could never drag itself to function, right? 

5.Failures and mistakes 

Your life is not going to end when you fail. And that’s probably not your end of the road. But as the most cliché saying goes, we should learn with our mistakes because these will make us stronger, learned, and determined. Fail is just your first attempt in learning. 

6.Being impatient

Thinking you can get rich overnight or in one day is just absurd, except if you joined a lottery draw. Don’t expect that results will takes place overnight. It takes time to build a business, it takes time to learn a new skill, it takes to build a new career. Everything just takes times. Sometimes, when we don’t get what we want according to our timeline, we stop and quit and jump to another opportunity, and the cycle repeats again and again without a result. 

7.Fault finding or blame shifting 

Do you know someone who blames other people when he/she fails or commits mistakes, when in the first place, he can’t even notice what he has done wrong? That’s fault finding and blames shifting. If you are not yet achieving your dream in life, as yourself this question; Are you taking responsibility for the actions that you are taking? Sometimes, when we decide, we don’t think of the consequences of our actions. You may choose the decisions that you make but you cannot choose the consequences that it will bring. 


Envious of other people’s success. Comparing yourself to other people. As if you are far behind them. Keep in mind that never take other’s success as a negative position and take it as positive one, to inspire or challenge you. 


You want to be successful, but you spend most of your time, watching Netflix, playing games, surfing the internet. Well, we need these for rewinding, relaxation, or recreation but there should be a limitation, you should not do it every day as this will become your distraction. 

10.Wrong friends 

Putting the wrong people around you are one of the worst way or the best way for you to not fulfill your dreams. Meaning, if you surround yourself with negative people, you’d become a negative person one day. Because birds with the same feather flocks together. You might need to let go of some people in your life along the way. You need to look for people who believes in you, who looks at your potential. 


So, which category do you fall? Is it your negative attitude? Fear? Procrastination? Not having goals? Failures and mistakes? Being impatient? Fault finding or blame shifting? Jealousy? Distraction? Or are you with the wrong circle of friends? Let us hear your thoughts! 

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