Top 6 Essentials you Should Bring with you in your Next Road Trip

It’s holiday season! Probably, the best time to unwind! Planning your vacation is just a piece of cake but the trouble you’ll face during the adventure is also inevitable. No matter how eager you are to go on this road trip with your pals, or family, keep in mind to pack everything you need. Prevention is better than cure, right?

Wherever you want to visit, either from the province to the city and vice versa, your time will be spent most on traveling to get there. Therefore, it just makes sense to pack items that you could need along the way. Thus, below are the top 6 list of things that are absolutely necessary for your anticipated road trip.

1. Car Emergency Kit

You never know what roadside hassles you’ll encounter, aside from the brakes, lights, oil, water, battery, air, gas, engine, tires, and self, reminders, you must be equipped with car owner’s manual, a flashlight with extra batteries, a spare tire, a jack, a tire lever, a cross lug wrench, warning triangles, a tire gauge, a fire extinguisher, a first aid kit, a jumper wire, and a tool kit. You can solve most of the problems you’ll encounter on the road with these supplies. Additionally, you should keep the phone numbers of your dependable technician or other emergency contacts, just in case.

2. Sanitary Kit

Picture this, while you are all singing together in the car, your stomach starts to grumble. Well, there are public restrooms nearby so you’ll probably feel relieved, only to discover that there is no toilet paper or water. By packing some wet tissues, soap, and hand sanitizer, you can easily respond to this situation. Basically, a standard hygiene kit with contents you can customize to suit your tastes.

3. Medicine

If you are the type to feel sick while driving for too long, you must take note the importance of keeping medications in the car. After a few hours of driving across hills and twisting roads, you may never know how you would start to feel. Just keep in mind that exposure to direct sunlight can alter the chemical components of some medications.

4. Pandemic Essentials

It is crucial to pay attention to the safety precautions put in places in the midst of the pandemic. Our way of life has slightly changed since the COVID-19 virus emerged, and we are now adjusting to the so-called “new normal.” Therefore, it’s crucial to always have your facemasks on hand. You must also keep face shields in your car because some places demand them. Alcohol should also be included in your hygiene pack because it is really a must during this pandemic.

5. Snacks and Water

Nope. Not sodas and potato chips. You need to eat snacks that will keep your stomach relax and your mind sharp while you’re driving. Sodas, which are loaded with extra sugar can crash your energy and make you sleepy, potato chips are fatty and may disturb your stomach. Nuts are a fantastic substitute, energy bars, and water (or coffee) are most recommendable, too. Hence, you need to buy and opt for healthy snacks.

6. Pillows and Blankets

There will, unfortunately, be moments when someone needs to rest. So, a blanket and a neck pillow, or even a real pillow, will be helpful. Take turns sleeping since it can be difficult to drive while everyone is snoring in the back. It would be ideal if you enjoy the road trip from beginning to the end. By engaging a conversation or stimulating conversations, you may be prevented from dozing off.


And there you go! A few things for fun may also be added in addition to these basic necessities. Look for a playlist that fits your preferences or create one of your own, play this while driving. Ask your friends/family to contribute. You can bring in portable instruments like a ukelele or a guitar. Any drive is more exciting with music, isn’t it?

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