Bayad Center Clients Targeted by Bill Payment Scam

As we and our technology progress each day, so does those who want to take advantage and gain profit by scamming others.┬áRecently a new type of scam circulated over the social networking site Facebook and it involved the company that most of us are transacting with to pay our bills – Bayad Centers. Are Bayad […]

Instagram’s Mute Option is Now Available

Ever feel that tired of seeing someone mushroom up your Instagram feed? Have you ever felt the need to unfollow that person but you can’t because they might have some interesting things in the future? The long wait is over because like other messaging applications, Instagram has a mute option available. To tell you, Instagram’s […]

New Facebook Data Leak Of Over 3 Million Users

Another Facebook-based application is in question for leaking Facebook data from its users. Recently, Facebook’s creator, Mark Zuckerberg, was thoroughly interrogated by the U.S. government with the same issue. Just recently, we published an article of Facebook suspending over 200 applications because of data misuse. Now, this happens. In this instance, more than 3 million […]

Over 200 Apps Suspended By Facebook Over Possible Data Misuse Investigation

Since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook started to increase its security measures up a bit. This is for people to know that they truly care for each and everyone’s privacy. The leak made people mistrust the institution and therefore, a lot withdrew from them; the results of the data misuse were unbelievable as it made […]