Universal Health Care Bill, Approved by Duterte

Recently, news broke out about a bill that would allow Filipinos to have automatic insurance. This bill, which is known as the Senate Bill 1896 or more commonly known as the Universal Health Care (UHC bill), has been approved by the Senate last year. Just today, our dear President Rodrigo Duterte signed the Universal Health […]

New Bills to Empower OFWs, Approved in Congress

Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are people who work and strive thousands of miles away from their families to bring meat on the table. Moreover, they’re an additive to the economy by the remittances they regularly send to their families here in the Philippines because they help the local commerce fluctuate. What most of us do […]

The Universal Health Care Bill Approved by the Senate

Ever wanted to have health care that would be automatic for Filipinos? The government wants us to have this and this is why they approved the Universal Health Care Bill (UHC Bill) or the Senate Bill 1896 is looking to have Filipinos automatically enrolled to a “National Health Insurance program” which each membership could be […]

Work-From-Home Bill, Being Looked at by the Senate

With all of the technological advances happening in our country, being efficient and fast is one of the keys in having a successful career. Here in the Philippines, one of the things to be more efficient is to avoid the heavy traffic. By that, working in places that are not congested could be the best […]