Work-From-Home Bill, Being Looked at by the Senate

With all of the technological advances happening in our country, being efficient and fast is one of the keys in having a successful career. Here in the Philippines, one of the things to be more efficient is to avoid the heavy traffic. By that, working in places that are not congested could be the best option. But how could that be possible if all business districts contain heavy traffic? Work-from-home, based on its term, could be one of the best and most efficient solutions there are. Good news because the senate just ratified the work-from-home bill for the convenience of employees here in the Philippines.

Work From Home

What is the work-from-home bill?

The work-from-home bill or the House Bill 7402, is the bill that seeks to provide employees the flexibility and the capability to be productive while at home. By this, the bill could serve as an arrangement of employers and employees with the option of them working outside the office through telecommuting. Camarines Sur Representative L.Ray Villafuerte is the person who authored the House Bill.

He said that these alternatives of working could be more efficient and convenient to both employees and employers through the use of advanced and modern technology.

More and more employers have expanded the traditional mode of onsite work to the adoption of flexible working arrangements such as the compressed workweek and telecommuting, among others,” said Villafuerte.

Just yesterday, the Senate has given formal consent to the conference committee report on the work-from-home bill. This bill would allow employees in the private sector to have a flexible working practice or to telecommute; this is as per Senator Joel Villanueva, chairman of Committee on Labor, Employment, and Human Resources Development.

In addition, Villanueva said that this set-up is optional or voluntary among workers and employers and is not to be phased.

As per standards and requirements, Villanueva said that the pattern should still follow labor standards, schedule, workload, safety, and social security as well as the salary.

Villanueva also stated that the reason why they’re pushing the approval of this is to have a stable and flexible framework which can provide immeasurable amounts of productivity, satisfaction, and to promote an enabling environment for better and much more efficient compliance among all types of enterprises.

Hopefully, we can start seeing the practice of this new act in the coming years because not only would employees benefit from this, but also employers because of this being a leverage of their company.

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